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Zhuzhou covers missing a couple riding a bicycle in the cellar wells injured original title: cellar well because they have trouble | covers injured, one person, one vertebral fracture spleen broken! The day before 8 pm or so, a pair of students driving scooter, after Zhuzhou Hetang District Book Hunan miles, but the right side of the road there is a sewer manhole cover missing, causing the front wheel scooter into the well, the car two people fall to the ground. According to the city people’s hospital doctors, the boys left acromion fracture scooter, multiple body contusion; girls spleen smashes, direct surgical excision. 1 birthday every autumn, girlfriend to accompany both strains, but were more than 10 points yesterday morning, the reporters came to the lotus pond area Book Hunan miles. At this time, the lack of cover the site of the incident has been carried out emergency treatment, covered with a simple cover. In the afternoon, the reporter went to the city people’s Hospital nine ward, saw lying on the bed of liu. Liu Tongxue is a student of vocational school Shifeng District, left shoulder in plaster. He said that this year’s Mid Autumn Festival, but also his birthday, his girlfriend came to Zhuzhou to accompany him, but there was an accident, two people are lying in the hospital. Lying on the bed Liu classmates very upset, he felt sorry girlfriend. Liu Tongxue’s girlfriend surnamed sun, is a freshman in a university in Changde. Mid Autumn Festival afternoon, sun classmates came from Changde to Zhuzhou. More than 7 points that night, Liu Tongxue driving a scooter, with his girlfriend to hugongda east campus and meet friends. After the book of Hunan Li Hetang District, but the right side of the road there is a sewer manhole cover missing, causing the front wheel scooter into a pit, overturned, two people fell on the roadside. Liu Tongxue said, where the missing manhole covers, and there was no set up warning signs and other safety measures. Next to the passers-by immediately approached, call 120, and contact the police. 2 sent to the hospital when the spleen has been broken, the hospital immediately do surgery to remove the city people’s hospital ward nine trauma department of orthopedics physician Xu Tanmiao said, fracture, and so many Liu Tongxue left acromion facial skin soft tissue contusion, also need to stay in hospital for observation. The sun’s classmates were seriously injured. Subsequently, the reporter went to the Department of general surgery in the four ward, saw the sun in the ward. Lying on the bed of the sun is very weak students, even talking is also difficult. Sun’s brother, Mr. Sun, has arrived in Zhuzhou and is taking good care of him. Duty doctor said, after examination, sun was sent to the hospital when the students, the spleen has been broken. The hospital immediately arranged for surgery, the injured spleen was removed. Later, the sun’s classmates immunity, resistance will be much worse than before." The doctor on duty, said Sun classmates have been out of danger, but just finished surgery, the body is very weak, coupled with multiple bruises, but also the need for further treatment. 3: traffic accidents caused by missing manhole covers for the further understanding of the cause of the accident, the reporter contacted the Hetang District Traffic Police Brigade police police. The police said, two students are driving the scooter, after Li Hunan book, because of missing manhole covers accident. When he arrived on the scene, Liu Tongxue still can stand up, while the sun students pale, clutching his stomach a groan, he immediately sent to the hospital two. This news covers look intact she stepped up, half of the body fell into the well that)相关的主题文章:

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