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Zhengzhou Tiangong two manufacturing power 46.8% electric connector in Washington by the production enterprise Zheng (reporter Pei Qijuan correspondent Cui Ning Xu Zhongsheng) 22 September 15th 04, the acclaimed "Tiangong two" flying success and the launch of the "46.8% electric connector with Tiangong two" is composed of a rocket in space 693 production plants in Zhengzhou the enterprise. The electric connector factory developed throughout the whole body is like the rocket "neurons", plays an important role in data transmission, signal circuit. This time, "a special connector for Tiangong two" — from the factory production of Y88 extravehicular circular electric connector docking, to achieve precise positioning of space docking with late to launch the Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft, is the key component in the channel space type circuit. The electrical connector has good floating circuit disconnection function, but also have the adaptive thermal vacuum space orbit high vacuum gas release performance and space orbit temperature stress environment and a series of special requirements, successfully solved to achieve the "engagement and separation force consistency problem under different temperature conditions. 693 Aerospace factory is the earliest of the space cabin floating circuit connector enterprises, is also in the space type application circuit disconnect connector cabin floating up, the successful development of most varieties of enterprises. "12th Five-Year", the factory has completed the "eight gods" to the "nine gods" to the "ten gods" and "Tiangong-1" and "Chang’e three" and supporting the use of electric connector development and production tasks, to become the domestic aerospace electrical connector development leader in manufacturing enterprises.相关的主题文章:

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