Xiamen contemporary art – once brilliant, also lost, and now re combustion! ratatouille

Xiamen contemporary art – once brilliant, also lost, and now re combustion!     Xiamen contemporary art began in the 80s of last century, showing a unique regional and era. After 1986 Xiamen dada, Xiamen contemporary art brilliant has lost, now again. "Contemporary art" and our counterparts in the era of globalization has created an unprecedented contemporary art without borders. From the bloodshed of toy soldiers, to the camp of Lego bricks into contemporary art seems to be a growing like a weed free field. Artists continue to break taboos, create astonishing works. In the eye of the beholder, these works may make people hard to understand hard thinking, perhaps trivial boring surprising. The concept of "contemporary art" has been debated in the art world. In addition to the vague time, contemporary art in the connotation is inconclusive. Contemporary art with us. No matter whether it likes and dislikes, beauty and ugliness, are recorded in the changing reality of contemporary life, the expression of contemporary people’s life will make unremitting pursuit. Duchamp, the father of contemporary art, was sent to the United States as an exhibition of works of art on an anonymous basis and became a landmark event in the history of modern art. The Duchamp version of "Monalisa": in 1919, Duchamp used the pencil to reach? Lord Finch Monalisa added a different style mustache, and "bearded Monalisa" into the history of Western painting masterpieces. Gorgeous picture "China modern art is always in the forefront of social change in the history of modern art stars Art Exhibition", 1979, the stars is undoubtedly the scroll begins, is also the most touching the first moment. In September 27, 1979 the "Star Art Exhibition" held in Xiamen in 1986 China dada Art Museum on the east side of the street park, Lin Chun, Cai Lixiong, Huang Yong, Lin Jiahua, Jiao Yaoming, Ji Naijin, Yu Xiaogang, Li Xiang, Li Yuenian, Huang Ping, Wu Yanping, Chen Chengzong, Liu Yiling thirteen members. In the name of people together, show the modification works, and be burned during China   the earliest behavior art, known as the Xiamen dada. Xiamen dada 89 modern art exhibition in 1989, Chinese Art Museum held "89 modern art exhibition", this is China early performance artist "acts of art" a concentrated display and staged. Art exhibition attracted the attention of the world, but also led to a more radical artists rebel, they raised the banner of avant-garde art, expressed the attitude of never turn around. 89 modern art exhibition in the late 90s, the prevalence of post-modern theory, we invariably agree with a broader, neutral vocabulary of contemporary art". Contemporary art was once thought to be: "A Dou can’t afford it." Xiamen contemporary art brilliant: "Xiamen dada" is not accidental! The emergence of any phenomenon is the concentrated reflection of many factors, such as social background, cultural accumulation and aesthetic development. Xiamen is an open.相关的主题文章:

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