Wuhan West Fourth Ring Road into more than 7 of the bridge is like a bridge to the lake popkart

Wuhan West Fourth Ring Road Bridge is more than 7 driving as posted lake before the West Fourth Ring part of about 5.4 km long after the official Lake Bridge in a graceful arc across the lake from the Changjiang Daily reporter Li Yonggang photo yesterday, the reporter visited the scene under construction in the city of Victoria Line West was informed that the connection with Wuhan Dongxihu economic and Technological Development Zone of the city of Victoria Line West during the year to achieve the opening. By then, the traffic between the two major logistics park in Wuhan, only about 10 minutes, many large trucks can also bid farewell to the three ring line, in order to ease the traffic pressure in my city center and the three ring road. Dense water drive as post lake before noon yesterday, the reporter from the nearby Jia Ju village in Caidian District of the city of Victoria Line West in the summer, a total length of 22.55 kilometers of road driving experience a round-trip, two-way 8 lane road is broad and flat, the scenery pleasant, glittering, through the clouds of rivers and lakes, while driving around, as a "floating on the water". From the point of view of the west city of Victoria Caidian, far see Hanjiang Bridge of great momentum, two towers into the sky, a cable like open deck and huge skirt, constitute a beautiful line. To Houguan lake, I saw a "S" shaped after the official Lake Bridge meanders in the lake, the lake and the surrounding perfect fusion. The reporter pulled over, standing on the bridge overlooking the panoramic view of the surrounding. In this piece of waterfowl habitat, reed land lake, 1020 pillars to support the smooth curve of the bridge, like a swimming dragon prostrate on the lake. Official Liu Dong told reporters, in the west city of Victoria water network, across the river, lake, river, what the drums salon lake, the official lake, Lake in the northwest, East Jinghe River, a total of 3 rivers and 4 lakes, so more than 7 Road bridge. Among them, the official lake bridge design is particularly unique, because in the straight bridge driving for a long time will make people tired, and streamlined soothing can alleviate fatigue. From the vertical surface, the bridge is only 4 meters away from the height of the lake, the design was so low, so as to allow people to drive like a lake, the mood is more pleasant". It is understood that the west is a four line first to start the construction, the route extends from north to south, along the route through Dongxihu District, Caidian District, Hanyang district and Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone, the design speed of 100 kilometers per hour. At present, the project is being carried out the construction of the bridge deck ancillary facilities, some sections have begun paving asphalt, for the end of the Fourth Ring Road to the west to do the final preparation. Don’t let the mud piling and protect the water outflow Xisihuan command responsible person Lai Yongfeng, after the official lake bridge across the lake 4.6 kilometers in length, to ensure the water from pollution, water monitoring points and the environmental protection department is located in the bridge. Yesterday, he told reporters, in order not to let the water pollution after the official lake water quality, design and construction personnel did not spend less money. During the construction, the staff set up a Zhanqiao bar at the scene, the use of steel tube pile to form a slurry within the circulatory system, can ensure the mud in the barrel treatment does not drain. Every day staring at the scene a number of supervisory personnel piling links, each pile is a steel tube cover, then pump out of the mud. During construction, 400 cubic meters of mud can be towed every day. Reporters learned that the West Fourth ring.相关的主题文章:

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