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A woman selling pornographic video online open 5 yuan a 150 yuan just to see Zhejiang a 85 "female derivative" publicly selling pornographic video 48 hours was arrested in new network Taizhou on 21 September, (reporter He Jiangyong correspondent Ying Xiaoyan Wang Liangchen) in April this year, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, a 85 "female derivative" Yang in the WeChat circle of friends openly selling pornographic video, WeChat received a red envelope, will be sent to the buyer through a pornographic video cloud disk, only 48 hours was arrested. 21, the reporter learned from the Taizhou sea Procuratorate, the hospital to the suspect Yang alleged crimes of selling pornographic materials filed a public prosecution. On the afternoon of April 27th, Yang and coax children to sleep, and then began to think about life, how to make money. Are playing mobile phone WeChat, why one finger money is? As a new generation of micro business, Yang started quite early, but more and more competitive pressure, purchasing and selling things also encountered bottlenecks". Yang boring to turn over their own circle of friends, suddenly a bright eyes, there is a "best nickname" WeChat friends sell pornographic movies in the circle of friends, the price of 10 yuan, 150 yuan to see any pornographic movies, and recruitment agency. Yang immediately contacted Nick Nick, the conversation quickly decided to "join" do pornographic video proxy. As an experienced based micro business, Yang started quickly, adding a "forbidden zone" of WeChat group, this group only selling video agency personnel exchanges, and immediately put WeChat remarks into "love movies, want to see me". The same day, Yang in his circle of friends issued a loud advertising: passion movie, please consult. This post is issued, to consult a lot of people really, some are original WeChat friends, some are the "shake" new friends, Yang replies "5 yuan a yellow video, 20 yuan five, 150 yuan just to see". After receiving the red envelopes of WeChat friends, Yang let buyers download a cloud disk client, and then registered account, the amount of small red, it will send a certain amount through the account of a small video". In order to reflect the quality of service, Yang also started to buy a send a department and other promotional activities, or the "name of the beautiful small video amateur screenshots, for buyers to choose, if the buyer does not use, can chat directly to buyers of small video. People are not as good as the day, these dirty pictures aroused the buyer’s sense of justice, I think in the circle of friends of WeChat public selling pornographic videos, dissemination of pornographic videos, resulting in too much harm to society. April 29th, Yang was seized by public security organs. From adding pornographic video agent to be seized in just 48 hours, a total of more than a dozen Yang and buyers occurred video and money transactions, profit 200 yuan, and the group in the database at any watch pornographic videos up to more than and 180, and more than and 30 is sent through a cloud. (end) Note: video only for extended reading. Guy SkyDrive selling pornographic video won 31 yuan jingfangxingju相关的主题文章:

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