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Wild pheasant soup: let them stew out of good food and drink – Sohu these days, tired or tired except a big activity spent all my energy and energy. Remember just out of school time, for a month, every day from seven a.m. to eleven p.m., not on Saturday, but the entire people are also in good out of a bandbox. And now, an overtime is enough to make me physically and mentally exhausted, my body has been unable to keep up with high-intensity, fast-paced work. But fortunately, everything is going well today, and it’s worth it. At this time, I need a warm bowl of soup, comfort tired heart. Wild mushroom and pheasant, let them stew out of good taste, mellow taste delicious soup! [ingredients] only 1 were 20g, pheasant, salt [] to practice arimillaria mellea, cut the pedicle; rinse with cold, open blisters for 30 minutes; quickly cut pheasant, pheasant; cold water pot; boil, wash away the floating foam, remove the stand; pot boiling water, under the pheasant; fire boil, turn to simmer for 2 hours; turn the fire, even soaked in boiling water under the mushroom, together; boil, turn a small fire boil for 20 minutes, season with salt, you can eat out. [5] food were soaked time not too long, so as not to soak into the dead mushroom mushroom; when cooked mushroom soup, mushroom not too much, so as not to conceal the bacteria the fragrant flavor of other ingredients. WeChat Sina micro-blog public number & fifth: the idle away in seeking pleasure相关的主题文章:

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