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Why is it that Xiamen has lost so many trees and trees after typhoon? "Meranti", "Meranti" gone, but it not "waved sleeves", to Xiamen brought great disaster. More than 90% of the green area is damaged, about 600000 trees lodging. As of yesterday, the ring around Yuandang lake and green trees lodging, tilt, trees in the park, has completed the disposal of more than 90%. Why did Xiamen lose so many trees? What kind of tree is wind, which is the delicate tree? Some fallen trees have no life possible? The tree species is more difficult than the maintenance of righting the 15 days after the typhoon, the South Lake Park in a 5 storey India rubber tree came crashing down. In 1995 when the South Lake Park was open, this tree has been standing here for many years, quietly watching Yourenruzhi, picturesque. Its fall has attracted many people’s homes. Yesterday morning, the Xiamen Municipal Gardens Bureau transferred to the 25 ton crane, with 39 meters long arm will be trees righting. Shen Boyuan, director of the park and landscape management department, said that despite the righting, but its root system is damaged, it may take one to two years of recovery. At this time, postoperative rest is very important, such as deep root fertilization, always check the fixed root, once again appeared unstable, may also re righting, when necessary, will also be on the tree "on the water", it can be said that the conservation of trees righting after more difficult than the big tree transplant. Why did Xiamen lose so many trees so why did Xiamen lose so many trees? Shen Boyuan said, objectively speaking, the typhoon wind is too strong, some trees with shallow roots, coupled with more rain in summer was relatively loose soil, and thus more prone to lodging. In addition, in order to pursue the greening effect, introduction of a lot of fire wood, Falcataria, Bauhinia fast growing flowering trees, these trees and poor performance in the typhoon. Every summer we in order to prevent the typhoon, there will be targeted sparse branches for trees, but every time there will be complaints from the public that this can not be shaded. Dense and sparse foliage, branches long thin, also let the wind weakened trees." Shen Boyuan said, Phoenix wood in the industry is generally considered not anti typhoon, but Xiamen city tree in the typhoon although branches were broken, but the trunk almost retained, brisk performance! According to reports, after lodging trees cleaning, Landscaping Department will carry out the next step will be planted, optimal selection of tree species, taking into account not only ornamental, but also take into account the consideration of wind resistance. Strong tree which trees strong which trees relatively fragile in the typhoon are these: Ficus, Palmae, Casuarina, Gao Shanrong, mango, bischofia. The theory of bodhi tree, kapok should be good, but in the Lake Road and most of South Lake Park was broken down the middle, which is related to the moment the wind, wind or the tree itself! The delicate tree mainly for these species: fire wood, Falcataria, poplar, cedar, Bauhinia, shallow root constant. Herald reporter Li Fangfang correspondent Xue Rong >相关的主题文章:

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