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Why Chinese and Japanese leaders to visit Cuba? In addition to the release of the Sohu news, Japan will also carry out a series of aid to cuba. According to Japanese media reports, Andouble intends to provide funds to assist free purchase of medical devices in Cuba, the amount of about 1 billion yen (about RMB 65 million), ready to promote cooperation in the field of medicine. Of course, the ultimate purpose of the Japanese people still hope that Cuba with ease, the future of these medical devices to pay. As in the past, Andouble will also take assistance and investment in Cuba to cooperate with the strategy, investment in aid, and expand market share through investment, stimulating bilateral trade." Zhou Yongsheng said. In addition to economic assistance and cooperation, Andouble also hopes to seek support for Cuba on the Korean issue. Cuba and North Korea to maintain good relations, Japan hopes to promote the resolution of the North Korean nuclear issue through cuba. Fidel’s visit to Japan in 2003 when he talked about this issue, Japan hopes Cuba can provide new power to North Korea’s diplomacy. But in the media seems, Andouble followed by the visit to Cuba, there is an important purpose of the competition with China, Li Keqiang. "Competition with China is part of Japan’s overall diplomatic strategy, and China will strengthen its diplomatic strategy in the region. Japanese public opinion also supports Andouble’s visit to Cuba to expand diplomatic behavior." Zhou Yongsheng told foreign affairs (WeChat ID:xjb-waishier). But Andouble, I’m afraid this little idea.相关的主题文章:

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