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Who says the money! What are the prospects for the development of the humanities? Sohu – now China education students, the traditional humanities (literature, history, philosophy, art, and religion, anthropology, archaeology and other non "social science" for the students majoring in Science) is too rare. The author in the east coast of the United States a medium-sized university history major, the whole school undergraduate students have three, four hundred mainland students. One is to establish a "humanities" group main philosophy and initiative, the East RASI together, formed a small group of less than ten. Of the four students, students majoring in the humanities every year, only an average of less than three individuals, small groups for a long time to discuss how to define the "humanities", and then disappeared. Similarly, because the author is about to go to a university in England for a year, the new meeting, more than 50 new students almost all focus on Natural Science, mathematics, engineering and economics. What about the famous history of the university? According to fellow students said, the college should be "not one". And even including all the traditional humanities, a freshman in addition to me, but only one person, learning is a modern language. The undergraduate stage, a few people. Don’t know what to learn, learn math. Although Comprehensive University College of Arts and Sciences of the United States so many, it should be better, after all, the purpose of "liberal education" in small and fine college can get better publicity and implementation. In fact, the choice of traditional humanities as a professional, or even the only professional depth study, still less and less. In this almost every university are advocating the "diversity" in this era, has reached the extreme diversity of the world, the traditional "Arts" has become a multiple external loss, became a minority in the ivory tower thoroughly, the edge walk carefully. Why only a handful of people in the humanities? This is a small part of the people, and why the humanities? How should we look at the humanities? In the information science and technology in the world leading, the decline of traditional humanities has been a topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Philosophy, history, religion, these disciplines are passed on to a small number of students who have access to information is rare counterparts employment, graduation is unemployed, no return on investment. Money, pragmatism, and the influence of the majority of people in the world are similar and understandable. It’s not that students despise the humanities, but many people are far away from them in awe Wow, you are so good, history is too difficult for me to learn…… Who call my English is not good, this is a lot of people know that I learn history after the first reaction. There are some people, they have a strong interest in history, philosophy, etc.. After entering the University, or they tried some courses, found the humanities not only "interest" so simple, a lot of reading and writing is very easy to grind small establish those fragile "interest"; or, some people are more persistent, will be more than a few of the humanities course, minor even double a person of literature相关的主题文章:

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