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Warm four comic "cat" daily TV animated decision now warm cure four comic adaptation of the animation works have a lot of harvest high popularity works like "gold" Puzzle ", would you like some rabbit" and other animated works let the audience see the excitement did not stop, serialized in the corner Sichuan "Comic Cune" monthly comic magazine today’s shy girl and fortune four comics "Meng cat" daily announced TV animation decision. "The cat" (in Chan’s daily language data and the Internet have) is a Japanese cartoonist for speech, as in the angle of Sichuan becomes "Cune" on the issue of Comic series of four comic, for speech, as I have been kind of a coterie painter before business magazine as a cartoonist, created a lot of "Trick", "Sakura not confirm type" fanfiction. "Cat daily" is the first commercial cartoon work. This cartoon heroine is a shy girl Konagai Tomoko, foreign friends of the poor communication sub home have three kittens are spoiled, "Ma," strong "," cry "woman,", but the three kittens are cute little kitten. Will be at home to greet the friends of the son came back from school and play together every day. At the same time through the three lovely kitten friends also made friends classmates very popular Miss Ann Tan (actually construct). This cartoon work is a very warm daily healing work, there is no Lily relationship but more pure friendship between women of the same age, there is a variety of fortune who sell adorable assists. At present, TV animation production information and broadcast schedule have not been announced, the works of the TV animation broadcast about meow star party also increased, maybe there will be a lot of people shouting I want a cat like it. Adorable adorable to, really want to keep pets if both cats and dogs or other small animal should be responsible for the life consciousness, don’t make Naomen decision on a whim. [source: Acgdoge]相关的主题文章:

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