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Video industry: the plight of the short-term value — Interview – poly A new force suddenly rises. Weishi Sohu technology we always overestimate and underestimate the long-term value of the new technology of it. However, there are some important things that really happen, we have crossed the critical point. By – Kevin Kelly (KK). The plight of an industry, a Rainbow Night situation, bustling but difficult. This industry is the video broadcast industry. This industry has become a sea of the Red Sea, fierce competition. Even if the situation is better, the large platform is also faced with the high cost of anchor, traffic bandwidth cost is too high, the content is difficult to monitor, platform operation and maintenance difficulties, policy regulation tighter problem…… The money behind the muffled equipment vendors and CDN vendors have also suffered crazy prices, the whole industry seemingly bustling, but I do not know tomorrow geometry. IResearch report released recently pointed out that, due to copyright and homemade content rising costs and other reasons, as the main source of revenue, advertising revenue patch is not sufficient to support the video industry chain profit, resulting in most of the video site is still at a loss situation. Live video on the road to profitability, Shudao difficult. There is a long-term focus A new force suddenly rises. Internet video technology research and development and operation of the company, called poly visia. The magic of this company is that it has been profitable since the first half of the year. Just three years, has successfully set up cloud on-demand, cloud live in a cloud video service platform…… Just like the Amazon river rapids of the competition on the Internet, how they grow out of their survival skills? Poly covered more than 200 million Granville terminal users through the client B. There are three typical types of users. First, the traditional educational institutions. In the next line, like New Oriental, all educational institutions such as Peking University, Beijing Normal University and other institutions, the extensive use of the technology of online teaching structure of poly. The second category, pure online educational institutions, such as the enterprise leader Xing Xing education; the third category, some well-known enterprises. Such as SIEMENS, Ping An Bank, SF, home chain, chain home video showings poly vishi technology SIEMENS is a home appliance; use method. How to deal with the user ‘s cost through the video visual way to save the cost of enterprise customers. Chairman and founder Xie Xiao believes that the reason why traditional video companies are not profitable, the problem is that these platforms play a large number of personal video lack of value and nutrition. Enterprise class video is a carefully crafted enterprise, hoping to get protection to trade the video. So it carries a lot of value. In the value delivery process, provide good experience of poly Granville video service for it. Poly Granville business growth also comes from an important direction — overseas. Hongkong, the traditional European developed regions or countries, traditional education is very developed, but in the application of Internet technology is relatively weak, just need poly technology to help them achieve VISIA online. There are two kinds of technologies in the world: expect and unexpected. Poly Weishi do is, ordinary people do not understand, look in the video analysis. Potential safety hazard.相关的主题文章:

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