Two. The robbery pick alone or with children women. yuanjiao

Two. The "robbery" pick alone or with children women. Chinese daily news (reporter Yang De) in order to capture the series robbery suspects, the Public Security Bureau Weiyang police task force has disguised as electrician, hydrotechnic, staff, the telecommunication bureau sells melon hawkers, even as a small hunhun optical backbone. Hard work pays off, after more than half a month of hard waiting, two suspects robbery and the fence has been arrested. Xi’an and more bursts of speed Qiangduo April 25, 2016 morning 10 am, Ms. Wang, who lives in Xi’an city to buy food on the way home, a motorcycle was fast approaching, Ms. Wang felt a tight neck, 13000 yuan worth of gold necklace was a motorcycle on the back seat of the man pulled down, she could react when chasing the motorcycle has disappeared. Ms. Wang then to the Public Security Bureau Weiyang Weiyang Palace police station. On the same day, April 25th at 12 pm, north of the city of Xitang village also speed Qiangduo, Ms. Xi public was two men riding a motorcycle snatched more than 4000 yuan worth of gold necklace. As of July this year, more than and 10 similar cases occurred in multiple areas of Xi’an City, the property was robbed gold necklace, two suspects shot skill, there are many similar features. The "safe Xi’an summer storm" stage, the Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade Weiyang and Weiyang Palace police set up a task force, to solve the case. The police task force, according to the physical characteristics of the vehicle the suspect, visited in the surrounding the incident; for drug abuse, "difference" and other criminal record personnel and motorcycle repair key mopai. The investigation of several days more than half a menstrual investigators posing as police Dunshou, police task force locked two male suspects, through the analysis of a large number of monitoring data, the police finally found traces of the suspects on the road in the north of the city landscape. Since the suspect drove into a village in the city and then did not appear, the police judged the two person foothold is likely to be somewhere in the village. Thus, the police secretly visited the investigation and identified the suspect’s residence. "But we can’t determine the suspect’s room, and we’re not sure if they’re in the house." Weiyang Palace police station Xue Gengsheng introduced, therefore only Dunshou waiting for the suspect automatically appear, in order not to act rashly and alert the enemy attention, police investigators took turns, disguised as a variety of types of work in front of people, "those days Xi’an temperature at around 40 degrees, the police were in the water bearer, electricians and other various types of work clothes, the clothes are wet the." Xue Gengsheng introduced, in order to integrate into the village atmosphere, the police even change outfits, shorts, drag plate, a small hunhun and backs the hawker stalls with. July 22nd 23 am, the suspect Moumou finally appeared, when he wanted to return to residence, the police arrested him on the spot. The next day, according to the Ding Moumou confession, the police in the city of Xingping, another suspect Zhang Mou, since then, two people responsible for stolen goods he Moumou also appearing in court. At this point, the series speed Qiangduo cracked. Please take the initiative to contact the police and the victim Weiyang after review, the suspect Ding Moumou, Anhui, in 2008 for theft Xi’an police crackdown. Zhang Moumou, Shaanxi, Xingping, drug addicts, 2012 was robbed by the car was.相关的主题文章:

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