Tricycle main falls impede law enforcement coordinators detained 10 days; 500– diqua

Tricycle main falls impede law enforcement coordinators   detained 10 days; 500– Hainan channel — original title: Haikou tricycle main falls impede law enforcement coordinators detained 10 days 500 Zhang Moupeng was arrested (city police detachment for map). 38 year old Zhang Peng tricycle, tricycle carrying illegal driving into the city, in the sea glass market Xiuying Avenue in front of the road was the inspectors investigation, Zhang Moupeng driving a tricycle even ran kuangtao dozens of kilometers, the tricycle sitting on an Urban Management Law Enforcement Assistance Association tube car broke down injured, another XieGuanYuan jump get off to save the wounded. After the incident, Haikou City Public Security Bureau police detachment after days of investigation, 13 am in the East will be arrested Zhang Moupeng vibration. Resist law enforcement driving mad driving XieGuanYuan falls 5:30 on September 28th, Xiuying Street City law enforcement squadron patrolling the streets, found a couple of unlicensed tricycle in the sea glass market Xiuying Avenue in front of the road unloading, according to tricycle can not enter the market regulations, law enforcement personnel in accordance with regulations on the spot fines and the owners of the education process, if the owner refused to on-site treatment seized illegal vehicles. At that time, the inspectors are investigating an illegal tricycle, next to another tricycle owners trying to drive away. Urban management team will be stopped, three wheeled owner refused to cooperate with law enforcement men, at the scene endlessly. In desperation, the inspectors had to ask for help. Xiuying police station rushed to the scene, three man said his car owners need to immediately transported to the conch Xiuying Street bus station at discharge, otherwise it will cause a great loss. The police is to minimize economic losses of clients, agreed to let the main drive first tricycle tricycle to Xiuying street after unloading, and then accept the inspectors punishment. Subsequently, two wardens chased after the car sitting on a tricycle, two police cars and a law enforcement vehicle with driving after go to Xiuying street. What is unexpected is that the tricycle to start, the owner drove fast forward kuangchong. Two co owners to slow down the speed of the owners, the owners repeatedly threatened to be chased with his death. Then, the tricycle crazy red light and disorderly drill Street Lane, from the police and law enforcement vehicles, and rushed to the coastal road from west to East Road even ran mad driving. Two wardens to three parking, tricycle owners continue to threaten that his car on the conch is damaged, the inspectors to compensate him for the loss of 20 thousand yuan. Two members of the association to see the owners so impulsive, worried about accidents, in order to stabilize each other’s emotions, they are willing to compensate for the loss of each other, so that the other party will stop tricycle. The root tricycle did not, continued apace to Longhua road of Longhua provincial hospital outpatient department in front of the road, because the speed is too fast to be one of the coordinators fell off the tricycle, by hand and leg multiple falls. Another city keeper rushed again immediately put down his tricycle main parking. Tricycle owners still do not listen to. When the tricycle to Longhua road is a road to Liberation Road in turning process, the speed decreased, another XieGuanYuan quickly jumped out to save the injured colleagues, can jump in the process of hand was twisted. Tricycle owners then drove to the liberation of West Road to escape. City police arrested men arrested illegal investigation相关的主题文章:

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