Too ashamed! Inter nightmare performance so that the whole country crazy shame Italy! 4000dy

Too ashamed! Inter nightmare performance makes Italy whole country Crazy: shame! Inter defeat sina sports 1-3 lost to Sparta Prague, inter in the Europa League two game losing streak, the bottom panel, qualifying the situation is not optimistic. Today, inter nightmare performance so that the whole country is angry Italy, Italy media said the game is a shame. After two rounds of 0 points, inter is not easy to return to the war in Europe this season, but took out such a result. Although due to the policy of fiscal fairness, the main Inter Milan will not be the main battle of the European Championship, but the players do not look like the spirit of the game look like. "Milan sports newspaper": inter collapse, "Milan sports news," said: "once again embarrassing performance, inter collapse is not the case. Without Miranda, Mario, and, Inter’s performance is a disaster. They have become philanthropists and opponents of the ATM, then want to qualify for the miracle." At the same time all inter loopholes "Rome sports newspaper" denounced the inter nightmare performance that coach De Boer need to be responsible for this, although the performance of the rebound in the league, but the World War Two was not fit to be seen. "Turin sports daily," said the game is a shame. Chicken Italy football fans are also very angry, there are many Tucao online. They feel that the overall Inter Milan is like a bucket full of loopholes, players on the field like chicken. (Jane)相关的主题文章:

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