The wonderful design of Hampton mix elements Home Furnishing fusion segotep

The wonderful design of Hampton mix elements Home Furnishing fusion?? placed in the living room sofa and L sofa in a casual but very reasonable way, in the corner or even do not seem to be in the living room of small bar, functional layout of the whole space appears as a whole, but in the internal differentiation a number of different areas, embodies a kind of uninhibited Home Furnishing attitude to life. By contrast, the other side of the room is more like a living room. Sofa + coffee table of the traditional layout, to create another practical home functional area. ?? The style of the restaurant is rural, windows bring good lighting, rope traction winding chandelier full of simple and primitive means. Family room to provide a place for reunion and entertainment for the families who live here. The kitchen is very big, Asaki Ki’s cabinet and the white bar with a rich sense of the level of fresh visual effect, the blue chandelier is the most special embellishment in space. ?? The bathroom metope used with a natural texture of wallpaper to paving, like dead basin general will be original rustic interpretation to the extreme. ?? The bedroom is the most striking with geometric lines of the carpet, blue, green, white with wavy stagger crisscross, create a fantastic visual picture. A large bathroom with a bathtub and shower room to meet the different needs of life. The design of the outer side of the bathtub is ingenious and practical.相关的主题文章:

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