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"The west" what demon demon volts exposure food Video Tsui Hark favorite monkey king – Stephen Chow Tsui Hark Wu Yifan entertainment Sohu [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news recently, by Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark jointly build, Wu Yifan, Lin, Chen Yao, Yun Lin update, Babel, Battelle, Yang Yiwei, Wang Likun, Wang Duo, Zhang Meie, Peng starred in the movie "the west" exposure of a demon volts "food what demon" video. In the video, starring Wu Yifan, Lin update the stars together with the audience to talk about the impression of a classic version of "journey to the west" in the deep monster, interviewed the way people at the same time also on film will appear which monster launched fantastic speculation. Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark respectively in the video said that if he starred in "journey to the west" in a certain role, most want to play Buddha and Sun Wukong two roles. As for the two directors will not have a special film, but also very imaginative. The movie "the west" demon volts in January 28, 2017 will be released nationwide on New Year’s day. "What food demon" video exposure off the national west big monster quiz in the movie "journey to the west" demon volts "food what demon" video, all of which starred on monster version of the classic "journey to the west" in the most impressive, Wu Yifan said, the most impressive is the "bones jing". Dapeng said Miss "spider", and said: "the spider dressed like bikinis, also from the navel in the spinneret." But in an interview with the audience, but also Public opinions are divergent. on this issue, some people say "spider", because some people say charming and coquettish; "King", because it is very difficult to play, high visibility; and "Ba son" and "Ba wave son Ben two popular monsters that rate many. The reason, starring Wang Duo made "because they’re ugly" replied, laughing. When the audience asked: the movie "the west" is "demon volts food what demon" what do you expect? Many viewers are given the answer is full of whimsy. The audience speculation may be "centipede fine", because the foot more difficult; there are also the audience guessing is "king of gold" and "Silver King", or "the lion king"; the audience is more whimsical jokes "demon, the demon V V, V is not Voldemort!" Stephen Chow exposes the Buddha Tsui Hark Sun Wukong hope to play a favor when asked that Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark starred in the two directors for the role of "a role in the journey to the west", starring Wu Yifan Stephen Chow as Sun Wukong said: "the director." Dapeng said: "because the director Stephen Chow played Sun Wukong, so you will always feel that he is the only person." Babel said: "the director Stephen Chow is more like a monk, and he is in contact he would have been with you or listen to you, then your touzhaoyue." But for most want to play a role in "journey to the west" in question, Stephen Chow himself said: "I love the Tathagata, because his face is not much." This slightly "cold" to answer a lot of people did not expect, the existing performance is not very laborious, but also let the audience reminiscent of many films directed by Stephen Chow.相关的主题文章:

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