The red ball out of 4 even Shuangseqiu 5 note first prize 9 million 930 thousand yuan fell to 5 ca1477

The red ball out of 4 even Shuangseqiu 5 note first prize 9 million 930 thousand yuan fell to 5 lottery site Beijing time on November 27, 2016, the double chromosphere 16139th lottery lottery, the following is a detailed process: 21:15  Shuangseqiu lottery prize number 21:18  began; all produced, this period award number: 010619262830 red blue 03. 21:30   the current red number size is 4:2, three is 2:1:3, the parity ratio is 2:4. The red ball out of 3 numbers 06, 19, 26 oblique septum; 01, 06 yards; a group with tail number 06, 26. Basketball missing 2 out of number 03, 06 has been omitted from the 40. 22:30  the double chromosphere first prize out of 5 note, 3 note for multiple bets, single note bonus of more than 14 million 930 thousand yuan (including 5 million yuan, plus Awards) 1 in Guangdong, 1 in Chongqing, 1 in Sichuan. Another 2 notes for non double bets, not to participate in the Award activities, single note bonus of $more than 9 million 930 thousand. These 2 bets on the first prize of non exclusive fall, Hubei, where the 1 note, Hainan, the 1 note. The double chromosphere current six prize out of more than 8 million 490 thousand note, more than 3 million 110 thousand note for multiple bets, participate in the awards, the prize money for each note 10 yuan (including 5 yuan prize). The current two prize out of the 94 note, a single injection amount of more than 320 thousand yuan. The current national sales of more than 395 million yuan. Guangdong (excluding Shenzhen) period Shuangseqiu sales of 35 million 610 thousand yuan, ranking first in Zhejiang, 30 million 610 thousand yuan to 23 million 270 thousand yuan sales ranked second, Jiangsu ranked third, Shandong ranked fourth in 22 million 710 thousand yuan, 18 million 970 thousand yuan in Sichuan, ranked fifth. After the award, the prize pool amount is 1 billion 40 million yuan. This period special award 50 million yuan prize prize sent 15 million yuan, the remaining 35 million yuan, according to the rules of School Awards, the remaining prize money to send to the automatic roll into the 2016139th period, the double bet was the first prize by winning note sharing 55 million yuan. The double chromosphere winning 2016139th provincial sales and sales provinces (yuan) winning note (note six) prize five prize four prize third-prize award first prize two prize six double double bet betting Beijing 13985204 Tianjin 4351298 Hebei 14693948 Shanxi 6566068 Inner Mongolia 7134680 Liaoning 14251562 Jilin 5374242 Heilongjiang 9102540 Shanghai 16035406 Jiangsu 23275172 Zhejiang 30615316 Anhui 13674700 Fujian 13036170 Jiangxi 8903468 Shandong 22718062 Henan 16813938 Hubei 1)相关的主题文章:

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