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The real version of "beauty" the clown frequently appeared to fear most users should take a child is love clown in childhood, but with the increase of age has become synonymous with the clown villain. In fact, a large part of the reason is because when we watch the movie clown later played a very evil character, but there are many netizens think, in the circus outside or see the clown really will be very terrible in the wilderness. Recently, the United States in South Carolina on a number of clowns witnessed the event, the most frightening thing is that these clowns are in people’s homes or in the forest. From late August, the South Carolina police received a report from the local people, claiming to see the clown. The first case occurred on the evening of August 21st, when it was reported that the clown was holding money to lure children into the forest. When the police arrived, the clown disappeared. In the vicinity of the incident there is no surveillance lens can record the evidence of the clown appears. But in August 26th a woman reported seeing a clown in the forest. One after another, because such an accident, the police had to remind the nearby residents must pay attention to their children at home security. Local news media reported the same problem in the nearby states. At present, the U.S. police have not yet made an explanation of the incident, but some users believe that this may be a marketing tool for the upcoming film. This penguin mother would say, if it is to marketing, in order to promote the film side film make the whole state of the film producers jittery, the heart is really big.相关的主题文章:

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