The knife off SMG the revival of Malaga victory over Borussia Gijon

The knife off SMG: revive when Borussia Malaga Xiongfeng beat Gijon off [024] knife SMG Friday Borussia Berlin Herta VS in the Champions League to play away Celtic, Scottish people really don’t know how to spell "Borussia Monchengladbach", a wine bar in Glasgow after several fruitless efforts, simply as "Celtic VS, a German team", spread to the Internet is crazy laugh; back to the German home court, Borussia official twitter humorously changed his name as "a German team" with Scottish Club mentality or looks very relaxed. But the players can’t coach Borussia feel relaxed, not to be able to win over the Celtics home court, now at least 3 points behind Barcelona and Manchester City, but the last two are on the road, the outlet has the basic game. What is worse, Borussia in the Bundesliga’s performance is not satisfactory, 4 consecutive rounds extremely, now only ranked in the middle, this season has not won over. Berlin Herta is regarded as the season dark horse, is currently ranked higher than Tostes, this season two lose 4 matches on the road, home court. But the average price of 2.39 3.14 2.95 of the confidence is not strong, even after mid week slashed his odds, the odds still does not support the home team to get the ball, lose confidence in the disc Co., Borussia’s current injury situation has improved, including a small Zal, has returned to the main roster, Berlin Herta won easily. [028] Malaga Friday VS gijn gijn -11 goal difference only in the 16 strong grand Nada, is also ranked in the relegation zone, since the home court victory over Eli Gane J, Gijon has 7 consecutive round league tournament. Malaga firmly ranked in the middle, excellent home court tribute, so far 12 points in the home court, had 10 points, 3 were found recently, Bilbao beat erval and Eli Gane J scored a total of 3 goals, home court Sandro Ramirez has become a fan favorite, the average price of 1.71 3.53 4.85 straight optimistic about Malaga, but for the home team confidence is not particularly strong, Malaga win more chances. Please refer to the site of the WeChat public guanxiaoweixin (Guan Xiaodao)相关的主题文章:

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