The German national artist in Shanghai to help former German Chancellor – Beijing

The German national artist in Shanghai to help former German Chancellor – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, September 2 (Wang Ji) "in addition to art and media, which can help people understand themselves, understand the world? This is also the original intention of Lvpeierzi art." The 2 day held in Shanghai "time world art master – Marcus? Lvpeierzi Art Exhibition" opening ceremony, former German Chancellor Gerhard? Schroder said that the exhibition will further close to China and Germany in cultural and artistic exchanges, promote mutual understanding between the two peoples. As one of the most important artists of the new German Expressionism Marcus? Lvpeierzi known as German national artist, good at painting and sculpture. His works not only have new expressionism, be the most changeful, the surface of perception, but also conveys the German heavy and rigorous traditional German style, depressed, and release of his sincere feelings and emotions. The opening day of the "time world masters — Marcus? Lvpeierzi Art Exhibition" show a total of Lvpeierzi since 1970s since the creation of the most representative works of 88, including 75 paintings and 13 pieces of sculpture. "When I was in the prime minister’s office for a period of 6 years is one of Lupertz’s sculpture" female philosopher "with me, you can see a 1995 production of" beauty "in the art exhibition, I think and I was in the office of the prime minister’s" female philosopher "head a bit alike." Schroder said, "I’m from the conversation with Lupertz learned a lot, now for me still, is to open their eyes, not confined in a certain field. At the end of 1980s and early 90s, the new German Expressionism was introduced into China, affecting almost a generation China artist’s creation style, to the important influence on the development of contemporary art and the Chinese. The Palace of Fine Arts curator Shi Dawei told reporters that Chinese and Germany are highly respect the tradition, "the art of Lupertz let us see Chinese between art and German painting atmosphere is interlinked and the idea of respect for the laws of art value and cultural traditions." Schroder said, "the world is full of variables, there are a lot of crisis, but between our two countries there are dozens of years as one day is very reliable, long-term and close relationship is reflected not only in political relations, bilateral trade and increasingly close economic relations, but also more important in cultural exchanges, scientific exchanges between the two countries, the civil society exchanges." It is reported that the "time world masters — Marcus? Lvpeierzi Art Exhibition" in Shanghai will be the Palace of Fine Arts exhibition to November 27th. (end)相关的主题文章:

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