The flow of people was selected for the new Oxford English Dictionary queer as folk

"Flow of people" was selected in the Oxford English Dictionary new words – recently, the Oxford English Dictionary official website released the latest quarter of the word amendment. Official website shows that the Oxford English dictionary included a total of more than 1000 new entries, including Yoga La Tis (Yogalates) and male milk (moobs). The former refers to a combination of yoga and Pilates’s fitness, while the latter refers to the prominent male chest. "Oxford English Dictionary" is known as the golden laws and precious rules of the English speaking world, has 150 years of history, currently contains about 800000 entries, revised updated every 3 months. In the latest update, some words are included in fact already widespread, such as Yolo, the term is "You only live once (you only live once)" the first letter of the abbreviation, "You only live once" from the earliest can be traced back to nineteenth Century, from the French writer Balzac’s works "Uncle Bangs". YOLO has the meaning of the word now, has become a very popular network vocabulary. According to foreign media reports, YOLO has been part of the young people as the motto, Hollywood actor Zach? Efron also stabbed a tattoo of the abbreviations. This abbreviation is also used in the young people wear hats, T-shirts and other goods. In addition to the above terms, the "flow" (gender-fluid), composed of politicians, journalists and government officials, from the closed circle of ordinary people "Westminster bubble" (Westminster Bubble) and other interesting entries which is also included in the. It is reported that the stream of people, the term was first found in the record is in 1987, refers to people who experience different gender cognitive changes at different times. British "Daily Mail" reported in September 2015, a man of experience, Jas Sutherland is a 28 year old male IT engineer, living in Norwich, england. In May 2015, he became a "stream of people", he began to think that he is a woman". Jas began to make her own dress, sound, walking becomes like a woman, the attitude of the people has become calm, but he did not want to change the gender through medical means, he also plans for the future and his fiancee married. Jas Sutherland told the media that he did not want to do the same as other people and their gender fight, but will choose to be honest with himself, in the future he also hopes to be able to understand the flow of information. "The bubble" (Westminster Bubble) is composed of politicians, journalists, lobbyists and government officials, from the closed circle of ordinary people. In 12 days this month, Huffington also wrote the theme of "post to Breaking the Westminster Bubble", the article discusses the present situation of British politics, and points out that although Teresa? Mei to No. 10 Downing street, the owner, but the British politics still dominated by highly educated elite, white men. At the end of the article pointed out, such as Meng相关的主题文章:

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