The annual salary of more than 120 thousand yuan would raise taxes tax experts said the rumor

The annual salary of more than 120 thousand yuan would raise taxes tax experts said the rumor [Abstract] Li Wanfu believes that an important goal of the tax reform is appropriate to increase taxes on high incomes and efforts to play the role of tax adjusting income distribution, which requires the improvement of information sharing… These two days, a message in the WeChat circle maxed: country will levy a tax on the annual income of 120 thousand yuan more than the high income groups, and that future tax reform will be "three steps", caused widespread concern. October 24th, a number of tax experts in an interview with reporters, said that this is a misunderstanding of the policy documents misreading, the so-called tax reform three step is no basis. The annual income of 120 thousand yuan, the news division standard is not high income groups, the so-called "120 thousand yuan of personal income tax levy" basis, from the State Council recently issued "on the excitation energy drives focus groups of urban and rural residents income views". However, the reporter carefully read the "opinions" and not "throughout the text, the annual income of 120 thousand yuan is the high income group", with a tax related content is such a statement: to further play the role of regulating the distribution of income tax. Improve the personal income tax, tax system, and gradually establish a combination of comprehensive and classification of personal income tax system, to further reduce the tax burden below the average income, play a regulatory function, due to the high income tax regulation. Improve the tax policies to encourage social support and poverty alleviation. The dissemination of information will own, high income is defined as the annual income of more than 120 thousand, the tax regulation "has become a" tax ", thus meaning all screwed up." The State Administration of Taxation Science Research Institute director Li Wanfu introduction, the annual income of 120 thousand yuan is not divided into high and low income population standards and boundaries, the tax department has never recognized standard for high income groups. "From a global perspective, the implementation of a comprehensive personal income tax system in the country, the individual income tax are self declaration system." The Ministry of Finance Fiscal Science Research Institute president Liu Shangxi said that China’s current implementation of the classification system of personal income tax, a tax levied mainly by withholding units. From the perspective of tax reform, China’s implementation of the comprehensive and classification of the tax system, to gradually establish a personal declaration mechanism. According to the 2005 revised personal income tax law of the NPC Standing Committee’s opinion, China has established an annual income of over 120 thousand taxpayers self declaration system, mainly for the future implementation of the combination of comprehensive and classification system, and explore the experience of the pilot. In fact, the annual income of only 120 thousand yuan in tax management, to declare a division of taxpayers, at that time is not divided into high income standards." Liu Shangxi said that the media reports referred to in the annual income of 120 thousand yuan is high income "or" the annual salary of 120 thousand yuan to the taxpayer tax ", there is no basis for deduction and disinformation. In our current tax system, the implementation of progressive income personal income tax rate from 3% to 45% is divided into 7 levels, but not at any level is more than 120 thousand yuan according to the tax rate, the tax rate is how much, 120 thousand yuan tax rate is divided to many. Tax in Grade 7)相关的主题文章:

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