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The 26 year old actress Xu Ting died of cancer had tried to stay up late filming to his brother to earn tuition Beijing – the afternoon of September 7th, 90 actress Xu Ting for lymphoma treatment failed died. She once described "for five years the life of countless filming earn money to stay up late, tired of lumbar disc herniation is the winter bubble in ice water and pressure overwhelmed……" She once said, "don’t ever think that you’re wasting your life"…… The industry was known as "little Angie Chiu" reporter learned that Xu Ting, born in October 3, 1990 in Anhui, Wuhu, graduated from Sichuan Institute of media 09 performance level, including appearances in film and television works "lovers", "cloud", Australia? "Wonderful night", "funny", jiulixiang "hero alliance", "his father children", "Dad", "Uncle" home etc.. Image pure, known as the mainland, little Angie Chiu". Zhang Xinyu, who worked with her, said: "so beautiful girl, and her last conversation is a month ago, she said to buy a house after three months to move into the decoration, and later sick." Actor Babel said in the impression of Xu Tingai smiled, did not say to her lovely happy in heaven. My brother had tried desperately to stay up late filming to earn tuition at micro-blog Xu Ting in July had issued a document for the first time publicly their cancer news, when she said, because in the past have witnessed friends Qin Sihan during chemotherapy, students looked at each other as death after treatment still died, she said he did not want to torture by the chemotherapy to recognition, also worried that after treatment and two lost "" also seems to be worried about the huge burden of medical expenses. But Xu Ting, you know, my parents would never let her give up the treatment, "they said that the kidney is going to give me the cure", at that time, Xu Ting revealed to choose Chinese medicine treatment, Chinese medicine is not sure whether admitted could cure her, but she knew that chemotherapy is extremely painful and may die faster, decided to use the a good attitude to face, "no matter how long you can live, I think in the remaining time unknown happy live each day, after all, these 26 years I have never lived for yourself." She also revealed that there are 7 children at home, his third on the university after their work to earn tuition, filming for my brother tried desperately to stay up late to earn tuition, parents pay, to buy a house. At the end of a turn to a micro-blog for micro-blog in May this year, Xu Ting in August 18th, a marvel. A 28 year old female editor of the NetEase which had died of cancer, staying up late to work overtime, long-term fatigue caused numerous reflection. At that time, Xu Ting forwarding micro-blog and emotion: and so you will know that you can not understand anything important than their body!" However, after more than a month, the disease comes to her body. Xu Ting’s last blog to stay in August 18th, when the general pain she said: "Buddha bless all the pain quickly away from me, really too painful too painful!" Now she died, so fans have a message "infinite regret to heaven without pain" and "the rest", "one way". Let us remember the words of Xu Ting micro-blog: "do not feel young to consume life相关的主题文章:

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