Taiwan media Julie wants to marry a British royal family Target lock Prince Andrew 660003

Taiwan media: Julie wants to marry a British royal family? Target Prince Andrew – Beijing, Beijing, September 26, according to the "Taiwan times" reported Chinese, Angelina? Julie (Angelina Jolie) and Peter Brad (Brad Pitt)? The Hollywood couple, since it was announced that after the divorce, from the moment the love become couples, marriage is also in the stalls in the sun next, all kinds of rumors flying. And in the future will turn to politics, exposed Julie to be the Secretary General of the United Nations, now more outgoing, Zhu Liyu with 6 children married into the royal family, the object is the prince! Pitt and Julie announced a few days of divorce, but the fight for the custody of 6 children has become white hot. Julie not only to move the children as early as 3 weeks ago rented Malibu mansion, even Sokolov, away with her husband cooperation third film "Africa", quite a tough attitude. And today came the shocking news, biographer Ian Halprin unexpectedly broke the news, said that Julie has to the small cloth required open marriage failed, so under the flames of anger. Ian also pointed out that the next step is to give up U.S. citizenship in the United States, with the children moved to the UK in order to participate in British politics, Julie. She served as a target for the charity that Princess Diane did in his lifetime, and was going to run for the house of lords. Ian even said that Julie not only do the planning for the future career, joint family and feelings are also part of the goal, she intends to marry into the royal family, has locked the 56 year old unmarried Prince Andrew for the marriage, but these exaggerated news have been confirmed by Julie, the truth remains to be verified.相关的主题文章:

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