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Step by step: those who wear sachet sachet of ancient Beijing jade aroma right auction likes to wear a sachet, went step by step Hong like modern perfume. Xin Qiji "Qing Yu An" Lantern Festival? There are two BMW cars carved incense filled the road "" laughter floats ", then describes the costumes beauty fragrant scene. Sachet, Sachet, also known as the ancient flower bag, incense tassel, Sachet, incense ball, let smelly, due to wear in the body, also called "Pei Xiang" "wearing the curtain". Sachet, not only exudes a charming atmosphere of mystery, but also calm, soothing, more exciting. Beijing Zhengdao 2015 autumn auction auction     Zhang Qinglei sugar jade fish play lotus between sachet price: $32000 which is the most popular ancient wearing jewelry, can be roughly divided into two categories, one is silver and gold, jade, jade and other hard materials box, hollow box to emit aroma; a is the yarn, Romania, Kam, forging and other soft bag fabric sewed to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, also known as "xiangdai". And in the bag can be fragrant, pollen, dried flowers, herbs can also be. Qu Yuan "Lisao" in "Hu Gracilaria and monarch Zhi Xi Qiu LAN Pei, sewing thought", indicating that the sachet placed in the provision, Zhi Qiu lan. In the traditional sachet, and put realgar, smoked grass, leaves and other spices. These sachets, or nerves, or medicine, or evil, or as a special token. Beijing Zhengdao 2015 autumn auction auction Zhang Qinglei Hetian jade seed material in traditional price: $65000 more than the sachet early in the pre Qin era, wear sachet has meaning. "The book of rites? In the" records: "what about the parents, with pelosi;…… Jin Ying, to parents vs.." It is said that in ancient China, young people see their parents to wear "Jin Ying", as a mark of respect. Because the sachet for portable objects, between lovers often regard it as gifts, love each other. As early as in the "Book of Songs?" Zheng Feng has fragrant vanilla lover to the favorite object of expression: "rich and female, the gift of Iraq and, in the medicine." The "love poem" that is a token of love men and women sachet transfer: "how to hustle, sachet Department of elbow." And as the "Qin" in Mantingfang parting, is "dark sachet solution, Ronaldo light", "ecstasy! Is the so-called "hidden in the sleeve sachet, constant number of incense, the sleeve bottom color, subtle and temptation. Beijing Zhengdao 2015 autumn auction auction Chen Guanjun Jasper Lou fragrant summer lotus sachet price: $30000 for personal or private things, sachet hanging on the bed account, let tenderness is shrouded in fragrance. "There is a Peacock Flying Southeast": "red Luo Fudou account, four corner hanging sachet." Have a dream of Red Mansions "in Daiyu, only do needlework, is to gem embroidery sachet. When she put her satchel embroidered Baoyu misunderstanding and random page, angry tears, picked up to cut the sachet. The phrase "who are not allowed to take, how much love hidden in the sachet. These touching stories, these men and women were full of silently conveyed tenderness, because the sachet’s sake, full of fragrance. Now, although the sachet as a decoration, or hanging from the neck, or hanging bag相关的主题文章:

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