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My sister met Li Mao leading sexual harassment anger issued Justice – Sohu   entertainment; Li Mao issued angry justice Sohu entertainment news yesterday (September 11th) evening, Li Mao: "I believe that I have not done" long micro-blog, director of news exposure suffered its sister angry company attempted rape. Li Mao asked the person written apology, but has not been a corresponding reply, followed by Li Mao and the exposure of the message content, and the publication of Naga Emihiro, said the move to maintain good family rights, believe they have made, and I hope my sister company leadership attention, give a satisfactory result. Li Mao micro-blog Original: it is Thursday, my sister told me yesterday, very angry, as it happened, my sister just graduated from school in Shanghai, in practice, this is the same company leaders of various departments, only met two times, even friends are not, a few days ago sister eyes by laser a fire at home, the man borrowed visit the name, made the very things Wo Cuo, although attempts, but still bring terrible influence to my family, my sister did not have much social experience, this is her first job after the incident, the thinking of silence, she worried, worried about security after two days, tell me, from the beginning of last night I contacted the person, has passed 24 hours, we want is very simple, a formal written apology, write clear things through, Attitude, and after the guarantee, but this man has been put on a gentle way of rational pose as a person of high morals, and I don’t want to do something big, initially only demanded an apology, but the people know the routine, if we will have more to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, such things happen on other people, I believe that in the society there must be a few graduate students experienced or are experiencing such a thing, so as a family, I decided to appeal to the public platform, it is to give moral people deserved punishment, two is the hope that if there are vulnerable groups, this encounter is no longer silent, to protect themselves, the man named Ye Chen, who English Daniel related friends, Shanghai Chinese Co. Ltd Firmenich aromatics leadership, I hope you pay attention to, wait for you to face and solve the problem! The following is my conversation with my sister, and I and this person’s message content, my language is intense, but please believe that I have tried to control, call two times, I have a recording!   Li Maoshai a screenshot chats Li Maoshai a screenshot chats to   I hidden the person’s phone number, because the goods have been told me that if privacy, in addition, this is my family matters, after any need to face, I am a bear! My sister was worried, she even worried that will not cause bad effects on their own company, I told her that this is just a mouse droppings, speak out, is to be treated and protect other people of the same! Please protect the girl who just graduated from university! Thank you very much!!! This micro-blog exposure, all users have a message behind Li Mao, said: "people should be exposed, settle a matter by leaving it unsettled will only make them more rampant!" "This kind of person should be"相关的主题文章:

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