Shaoyang 4 car pileup pull 95 after the murder and hijacking case fled

Shaoyang 4 car pileup pull 95 after the murder and hijacking case fled Hunan 95 [Abstract] after the murder after the hijacking of self driving escape, not skilled in driving on the road with 3 car pileup, 5 hours after the incident was caught > > original title: Daxiang District pileup careful investigation the police broke the speed of the case in the case of the evening of October 27th, Daxiang District Min Zhou Lu case of intentional injury occurred, the victim died. After the incident, Daxiang Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to immediately set up a task force to carry out detective work. 5 hours to solve the case quickly, successfully arrested the suspect Zhou Mouzhi (male, aged 20, Hunan, Xinshao). Dispute the woman stabbed to death after investigation, the suspect Zhou Mouzhi is disabled. October 27th evening 23:30 Xu, he was in the Daxiang District Road, a hotel style rental housing, with a woman in a dispute with a dagger to stab him, the woman was killed. But a car crash carjacking and fled before Zhou Mouzhi left the hotel, with a knife in the side of the road stopped a taxi, the driver and passengers to get off after their car fled. Because there is no driving experience, when driving to double the road near the hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and the other three car pileup, causing a traffic accident. Zhou Mouzhi immediately abandoned the car, take another taxi fled to Xinshao. Follow the line to quickly solve the case 28 am about 4 am, Daxiang police line tracking, will be hiding in a hotel in Xinshao suspects Zhou Mouzhi successfully captured. At present, the suspect Zhou Mouzhi has been under criminal detention according to law, the case is still under further investigation.相关的主题文章:

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