Shadow version of opera version of smile was compared to friends Yang Yang baby – in the new match

Shadow version of opera version of " " smiled; by contrast friends: Yang Yang Baby – in the original party match Beijing satisfaction: reduction degree of up to 80% "smile" is a few years ago, the net world big IP, tells the story of a simple campus love story, the hero of the two from "the two dimension" love to "three dimensional" sweet love. The original premiere will first order plot quickly reduced: beauty is a slightly Curve Wrecker Bei online master, her pseudonym "Reed slightly" among online games master list sixth, for refusing to upload real photos by Game Crazy "Zhenshuiwuxiang" abandoned, but the accident was the first Arena Master "a smile what then". In order to win the "crazy challenge", and "slightly agreed a smile what then" alliances and team competition. Never mind, "a smile what then is the shell tiny admiration Curve Wrecker brother Xiao Nai, and Xiao Nai of Bei slightly also had dark feelings. Drama version of "smile" not only in the frame and very little clues under the foot, the details are well intentioned. There is a scene by netizens out loud shouts of applause: "even the actors in the game screen in hair, as well as the protagonists in the two dimension of the conversation are recovered more than 80%! Even the characters in the game ‘rest’, ‘idle’, ‘fighting’ and so on are all packaged on the state." "The reed is tiny" in the first episode of two close-up, one is selling drugs on the bridge, the two is under a tree and a smile what then talk, pose the character with the novel described it. The two version is: Yang Yang Baby. Previously, the film version of the casting was criticized by many netizens, "smiled embarrassed". The original shell is tiny and Xiao Nai have a clear God fan, so the fans think Xiao Nai should have "paralysis" of the general high cold, and yet Bei slightly reserved. Users do not have recognized the film version of the casting: "one really did not play paralysis talent, not paralysis paralysis on the surface, emotional evil kuangjuan smile. All in all, he and Baby laughed, and my embarrassment turned to cancer." In contrast, thin white Yang Yang seems to be closer to the high cold image of Xiao Nai, premiered in Yang Yang will indeed "paralysis fan" interpretation is in place. The Zheng Shuang interpretation of the shell slightly corner, but was a lot of friends pointed out that the shape does not take: Bei tiny stature super good, cool sister is still a lot worse!" The network also a proposal: let the drama version of Yang Yang and shadow version of the Baby Stewart "smile"! If one of the image, two is more in line with the Xiao Nai and shell tiny men; but when it comes to acting, two people still have weakness, some netizens pointed out: "Yang Yang, although Jing Bairan Yan is good, but the acting from God level and Lightyear distance." "Baby image fit, but the acting did not progress ah." The reputation of "smile" polarized after the premiere, watercress reputation serious polarization, as of press time, matching with the film version of the 5.5 phase, drama version of only 5.7 points, of which 24.2% of the "star rating" and 32.9% "five-star rating" accounted for the bulk. [praise] "相关的主题文章:

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