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The enlightenment to boost agricultural supply side reforms five cities in Hexi – Gansu channel — original title: promoting agricultural supply side reforms Hexi five city Wuwei, Jinchang, Zhangye, from Jiuquan, Jiayuguan (hereinafter referred to as the "west five city") is an important commodity grain base in our province, three crops of Wheat and corn seed potato an area of nearly 1/10 of the province’s output accounted for more than 1/4 of the province; vegetable planting area of less than 1/4 of the province, the province accounted for above 1/3; oilseed acreage accounted for 1/5 of the province, the province accounted for nearly 1/3; rural residents per capita disposable income of more than half of the province. In recent years, five cities in Hexi, conscientiously implement the provincial government on the "three rural" development policies and arrangements, based on agricultural infrastructure advantages, adhere to the farmers’ income as the goal, to adjust the structure as the starting point, to reform and innovation, science and technology services to support the beneficial exploration in promoting agricultural supply side structural reform. Some of the good experiences and practices on the development of "three agriculture" has the important enlightenment significance. Revelation one: adhere to the market orientation, based on the supply and demand structure, the dominant industry, nurture, is the basic path to promote the structural reform of agricultural supply side. Five cities in Hexi, from the development of their own reality, focus on the market demand of agricultural product and agricultural quality and efficiency, so cultivating agricultural pillar industry. On the one hand, the adjustment of planting structure, accelerate the construction of vegetable industry and seed production base, the two industry development, scale benefit, has become the five city in Hexi industrialization degree is the highest, the most widely contact farmers pillar industry. In 2015, five cities in Hexi seed production area reached 1 million 800 thousand acres, the yield reached 560 million kg, of which 1 million 460 thousand mu of corn seed, seed yield, seed yield of 520 million kg, the area accounted for 48.3% and 43.5% of the country, area and yield are among the first in the country. Taking Jiuquan city as an example, the annual export volume of vegetables and flower seeds reached more than 5 million kilograms, accounted for half of the vegetables export market of flower seeds. On the other hand, strive to build a strong market competitiveness of large agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, the enterprise has cultivated the focus of national agricultural industrialization leading 11, accounting for 40.74% of the province, the provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises 133. Hexi five cities to cultivate and strengthen the practice of pillar industries in agriculture, walking in the forefront of the province. The country should be based on their own resources, accurately judged the market demand and development trend, to further clarify the direction of development of leading industries, the project construction as the effective starting point for Industry and county economic development, increase investment, foster the introduction, bigger and stronger group of leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization, and the "bonsai" into "scenery" to improve agricultural production scale, specialization, industrialization level, increase the income of farmers. Revelation two: adhere to the reform of traction, accelerate institutional innovation, so that the elements of the live up, is the key to promote the structural reform of the supply side of agriculture. Five cities in Hexi to promote the reform of rural property rights system, finance, labor and other aspects of the training as an important starting point to stimulate the rural development impetus, unremittingly to promote rural reform, exploration)相关的主题文章:

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