Refers to the ingenuity Seiko Beijing Hengda Washington installed four of German luxury Seiko

Refers to the ingenuity Seiko Beijing Hengda Washington installed four of German luxury Seiko Beijing Hengda Washington (real estate information), but "Eighteen methods Bailian ingenuity", the four type of luxury fitted "German Seiko", with the ultimate tribute to the extreme, the German Seiko brand in Beijing Hengda Washington ingenuity mansion. The practice of "Founding luxury products era", achievement upstart class 126 seat family mansion. Beijing Hengda Washington mansion in space, Hengda 9A hardcover top system standard, the selection of the world’s top brands of imported products, only to create different specifications of the highest spire of the family to enjoy "the" European bathroom treasure "& family mansion as a famous private bathroom products residential project, Beijing Hengda Washington bathroom fittings choose Germany only Bao (VILLEROY-BOCH) brand. Germany only treasure, from the beginning to make ceramics, 260 years ago, the European royal tableware, gradually "to do the standard for tableware sanitary ware", eventually developed into one of the world’s top brand bathroom, known as the "European bathroom treasures". Application of position viboo brand in Beijing Hengda in Washington, are washbasin, bathtub and toilet. Beijing Hengda Washington basin, male host is divided into smooth glaze basin like girls’ skin, is the process of tableware firing, called sanitary products. Beijing Hengda Washington viboo by bath, patent material "Gui force material", not linked to pollution and easy cleaning, long-term use can still be as good as new; "Gui material force" and the absorption rate is low, the bath water is better in cold weather makes people enjoy the warmth of the happy life. Beijing Hengda Washington viboo intelligent toilet with automatic switching, automatic cleaning, automatic drainage function, and power outages can still achieve intelligent flushing. "The corner of the luxury & hardware family mansion; the basic configuration of Beijing Hengda Washington bathroom space, selection of Contemporary German brand (DORNBRACHT). German contemporary, the world’s leading brands, known as the corner of the luxury goods, the leading sector of the ‘Rolls-Royce’, was originally a royal low-key luxury. Beijing Hengda Washington contemporary brand faucets, integration of human engineering concept, the design of 7 degrees forward, handle join ceramics, more convenient and more comfortable; 62% lead-free brass, more corrosion resistance, no rust, long; full assembly manual valve, special debugging, air bubbles and water mixed water, open good, not rust clogging. The contemporary Beijing Hengda brand shower in Washington also selected. This is known as the full range of tropical rainforest shower ", not only has the constant temperature, water control, constant temperature function, and safety, avoid children undoubtedly caused burns, humane treatment for the bathroom space more elegant culture. "The museum collections" & family mansion kitchen supplies Beijing Hengda Washington cabinet also chose the world recognized the top four brand of German cabinet bodebao (POGGENPOHL) cabinet series. German bodebao, founded 123 years ago, loyal fans include celebrities: German Chancellor Angela Schroder, former U.S. President Clinton, Beckham and the girls.相关的主题文章:

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