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One year deficit 7 billion 500 million! "National backbone" official history into the financial curtain call – Sohu China Wuhan Museum, the first thing that is six characters – steel, the backbone of the country! This is the first domestic iron and steel Museum, not only the history of the Wuhan iron and steel industry 50 years of entrepreneurship, but also a witness to the history of China’s modern industry. In 1955, a blueprint for the construction of an iron and steel industrial base near Wuhan was rolled out. A work of retired workers in Wuhan said: when Wuhan builders from all parts of the country, in a barren wilderness, lived in huts, drinking water, hand shoulder, very difficult conditions. At that time, the western countries for the blue picture on a big question mark, the times even assert that this is the Chinese people bragging. Three years later, the first iron furnace in WISCO, is the first of the new China furnace spewing out, marking the formal operation of wisco. The strong national pride of the entrepreneurs of Wuhan Iron and Steel Group is a big exclamation point, and it is a powerful answer to the question from the west. A museum in September 13, 1958 of the "people’s Daily", "new Chinese headlines is the first country to invest in the construction of large iron and steel enterprise production", then recorded the historic moment. However, in the afternoon of the 20 day, from Wuhan Steel shares, Baosteel’s announcement, announced the Wuhan curtain…… Baosteel will become the dominant party in the merger and reorganization China " Kobelco " merger rumors finally come true, Baosteel and WISCO integration path, finally officially surfaced. The afternoon of September 20th, Wuhan Steel shares first released to the progress of the restructuring announcement said, " Bao Wu with " the initial trading scheme intended for Baosteel to Wuhan Steel shares all shareholders of A shares issued convertible, convertible merger of wisco. Shortly after the announcement of the shares of Wuhan Iron and Steel shares shortly after the announcement also issued the same. Baosteel shares for the merger and the surviving party, Wuhan Iron and Steel shares for the merger and non surviving party, is not expected to cause the company to change the final control, will not constitute a backdoor listing. Baosteel announcement screenshot this program is expected to coincide with the market. In the view of one with Baosteel, WISCO has business sector, from both sides of scale, Baosteel for the domestic steel industry, as the leading Party of the reorganization also deserved. According to the world iron and Steel Association (WSA) released in late May 2016, the world steel statistics 2016, in 2015 the annual output of 34 million 938 thousand tons of crude steel Baosteel ranked the world’s top ten steel enterprises in the world. The Wuhan volume is very large, in addition to the headquarters in Wuhan, has its main Wuhan Hubei steel, Kunming Iron and steel base in Fangchenggang. 2015, Wuhan Iron and steel to 25 million 776 thousand tons of crude steel production ranked China’s top ten steel enterprises in sixth. In the view of the treasure island market analyst Peng Qi MI, Baosteel not only is greater than the size of Wuhan, important is good business market of Baosteel Yu Wugang. By Baosteel to dominate the merger, in line with " Bao Wu " consolidated management requirements after the merger..相关的主题文章:

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