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Ningbo fishing fishing man no arm 24 pound grass carp: I want to smile in the fishing sector has a 90 "Red Net" cattle Yangyang, 25 years old this year, the people of Shandong. Childhood accidentally lost his hands, but he has his hard work out of a stunt: foot fishing. A few years ago, a fishing video made him popular on the internet. Not long ago, Ningbo sent reporters from news: Niu Yangyang found a job related to fishing in Ningbo. 9 in the morning, we met about a farm near the town of Niu Yangyang Creek Zhenhai, Ningbo to send reporters demonstrated by foot fishing skills, the picture is still quite shocking. The morning wind is very big, we all knew Niu Yangyang: his clothes sleeves will be fluttering with the wind. For the first time, he seemed shy, but he loved to laugh. Ningbo days recently some cool cattle, Yangyang still wearing slippers, he said because no hands, often with his feet, there are three seasons in a year is wearing slippers, only in the winter only put on shoes. I asked: how flexible are your feet? "As flexible as your hand." He made an analogy. With the same old classmate Xiao Xu y village, grew up together, he said, was playing a section called "Cross Fire" network shooting game can be powerful, not by mobile phone micro channel is also a problem at all. Because the wind is too large, it is not easy to go fishing, ocean first show us how to use the phone. I saw him holding the phone with two feet, fixed right foot, left foot typing, fast. "Compared to the right foot, my left thumb is more flexible." Open his WeChat, there are more than and 100 fishing groups, one of which is his fan group, there are number more than and 160. In the webcast platform, the ocean more fans, he often used to live on the phone when fishing. Recently, it has attracted two fans in Ningbo to find the door, made a special trip to visit him. I don’t like to recall the past. He remembered that when he was in grade three, he and his little friends were playing in the village when they came across a high voltage line. Yangyang stayed at home for several years, bored at home, "very low self-esteem, shy." His family condition is not very good, in the countryside, his father as a construction worker, there are 2 acres of land at home, there is a sister and a brother. Parents do not know how to enlighten and comfort him. He began to learn to take care of themselves, eat with their feet, brush their teeth…… Probably adapted to a few days will be." We were a little surprised at his speed, "when you’re in that situation, it’s all natural." The ocean had a hard time, "some people see I would say something not so nice, I did not hear, nor hear." Yangyang said, because nothing in the house, there is a lake near the village, he often see people fishing, gradually fell in love. "I want to try and see if I can do it as a normal person." Fishing was his hobby, he mastered all the fishing skills, can use the foot hooks, hanging earthworms, throw rod…… And go to the local fishing competition. He became a local celebrity, fishing is often onlookers, up to dozens of people standing around. Reputation, he also became a local fishing company spokesman, there is work income, do not have to rely on parents, can take"相关的主题文章:

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