Nanjing delicacy professional examinations eight are killed in the ninth chowhound title (video) isobuster

Nanjing delicacy professional examinations eight are killed in the ninth chowhound problem is not thought oneself is a real chowhound, Nanjing Chibian invincible hand? Then to challenge Nanjing eight chowhound exam! See if you can hold on to the next question! Think about it again, because your answer may be wrong! What is the exam 1, and Imperial College, baoensi, brocade famous Nanjing dishes? (hint: in the Qing Dynasty with embroidery, vinegar and said "Jiangsu Sambo"), 2 authentic QinHuai 8 signature dish refers to which of the eight sets of varieties of snacks? 3. What is a famous dessert with flowers in Nanjing? 4, please list more than 3 authentic Nanjing duck fans shop. 5, the following figure is some kind of Nanjing favorite food, you know what it called? The road is too simple 6, Nanjing people often say "water eight fresh" refers to what? 7, authentic Nanjing small noodle with what flavor? 8, Nanjing selected tongue on China’s food, what is the 2? 9, the plant flowers, the fruit is a kind of food we eat, what is? 10, the flower will bear what fruit? Not popular fruit Oh! Answer 1, 2 "boiled salted duck," QinHuai 8 signature dish "snack" the local standard provisions, "QinHuai 8 signature dish" eight sets of small varieties: one is to eat tea eggs, spiced beans, Yuhua tea; two is duck pastry, sesame oil Clay oven rolls hot Gansi; third is assorted vegetables, backhalide dry; four is small, the five San tea tofu curd; pot chicken, fried stinky dry; six small dumplings, is vast duck blood soup; seven is beef fried beef noodle soup, Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings; eight is the stone Glutinous Rice Balls, plum cake steamed children. 3, osmanthus sugar taro seedlings 4, duck duck fans, first Zhi, aftertaste fans duck blood, duck duck fans Jinling Fort Jin Yuan, duck blood soup fans duck blood soup fans… 5…, live beads: "live beads" is when the egg is about to hatch into a life but it does not fully formed eggs have the head, wings and feet marks, this is also the chicken egg eggs hatch thing called "live beads". Li Shizhen recorded "Compendium of Materia Medica": "there are eggs headache, migraine, head and limbs function by crazy madness." An if you can eat it weak, spleen, stomach, and then play the effect of physical fitness. 6, the water is fresh refers to the Nanjing real estate of the 8 kinds of aquatic plants. Nanjing area and lakes, ponds are good places for clouds, aquatic animals and plant growth. Among them, lotus root, Hongling, wild rice, Gorgon (foxnut), 8 species of aquatic plants, water chestnuts, cress Chuncai arrowhead, known as the "eight fresh water". The "eight fresh water" is the traditional custom of Nanjing people. 7, authentic Nanjing noodle seasoning salt not small, but with the duck soup boil out. 8, in the seven Bay 11 grass bridge, halal Fried Beef Dumpling Shop, 9 potatoes, 10 Fried Beef Dumpling pitaya then the problem, as you answer a few questions chowhound? "New" Qinhuai eight absolutely hot "baked" there is no "your food"?相关的主题文章:

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