Monday SMG 014 the leader of the struggle to win Brest jslottery

Monday: SMG 014 leading to the battle of Brest on Monday 014 B VS Brest Lance 2016-09-27 02:30 Venue: Brest, Francis – Le BRET stadium weather: rain, 16 degrees Celsius in Brest: Brest in the last round away game against Le Havre by plane. Koev received an assist from Monros, forty-fifth minutes in the game to help Brest lead. But in the second half Le Havre player Du Jimeng will score only 1 points, blake. The team points 15 points, ranking only after the opponent Lance. Due to the lack of a round, Brest is currently ranked down to third. But if the game can win, will become the leader of a mine. From Saint Etienne young Mopei recently loaned three poor performance, in addition to a penalty, as the teenager did not Bray with goals, slightly depressed state. Monros’s performance is relatively stable, can play poorly when timely supplement in Mopei. The last six games, Brest made a total of 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses, including home games of 2 wins and 1 losses, home scored 4 goals, lost $4. Lance: Lance is one of the recent undefeated team has not yet appeared so far. In a game, home court against Claremont Lance. The first half of the two teams have no achievements, stuffy flat end. Kong Te received the second half of the assists, the first to break the deadlock in Charles Bernie Jerzy. The other seventy-seventh minute equaliser in lopi. Toward the end of the game, Defender Turan scored the winning goal to seize the opportunity, Lance in the final 2 to 1 victory. Lance is currently 16 points, less in the round, and the first in Amiens is currently 1 points behind, leading the opponent Brest 1 points. So for Lance, the importance of the game can be imagined. Scary Lance team is a key time for the total team hero to come forward, no matter is the good times of adversity, can change danger into safety score. At present, the team scoring only scored 2 goals, but this is definitely not a color, but there are three players. This shows that Lance does not depend on the ability of individual players, and the players to seize the chance to attack the relatively strong. Match analysis: this game is the highlight of this method B League, is the leading position for the dispute, so in terms of significance. The two teams has been in a different league, the last time the two teams clash is 12-13 French Ligue 1 thing. The offensive and defensive level similar to the two teams, the possibility of a larger draw. Although the compensate for his index as high as 2.5, but that in order to win mine leader position will try to win, there may have upset the situation. Shengping Fu Ping recommended + wins, scoring 2,3. Lineup prediction: Brest (4-3-3): Leon, grace Ghani Oni, Charles do Hei, CASS Tang, Kopf, Pakistan, Tuoqiou, Fu Sulye, Mopei, Lavigne, Joseph Munro silk Lance (4-4-1-1): Traore, Janvier, calasso, Weber, Conte, Tiago, Da Cruz, Rodrigues, WARIA, check Bell Te Jerzy, Kaye相关的主题文章:

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