Men’s collection of 1980 edition of 5 yuan wrong currency experts can not measure the value of soojin

Men’s collection of the 1980 edition of the $5 wrong currency expert: immeasurable value, I have a wrong version of the 1980 edition of 5 yuan notes, more than a decade, I do not know whether it is true or false." In October 13th, Luohe citizens Mr. Ding contact with reporters, said his more than and 10 years ago to collect a wrong version of 5 yuan notes, they still do not know it is true, it is not clear whether the wrong version of the renminbi has the collection value. "This is my more than and 10 years ago when the market a vendor for my." Ding told reporters that he did not pay attention, go home and found that this is a wrong version of the notes. But he did not mind, but a rare figure, readily put it in a bank passbook. More than ten years in the past, in June this year when moving and put the money turned out, Mr. Ding feel the news often the wrong version of the renminbi is very valuable, we want to know about this money market. The reporter picked up the bill carefully observed, found the money the upper right corner folding, open after the white folds, like some of the books have been printed as a mistake, some corner. In the morning, accompanied by reporters, Mr. Ding came near the Bank of China Jianshe Road branch of the Bank of Luohe, the staff carefully read this money, that is a Zhen Zhang. But as to why this situation, and do not know, can not judge its value. For why this is the case, the reporter consulted the experts, the people’s Bank of Luohe branch China currency management department, for the wrong version of the renminbi, experts say, to nearly 30 this year, also identified many of the wrong version RMB, but has not seen Zhen Zhang, Mr. Ding is best to identify monetary management department. The probability of the wrong version of money flow into the market is very small, because the mint checks are very strict, the problem in a timely manner coins, is unlikely to flow into the market. "The money management department of a staff member told reporters, the wrong version of the renminbi speculation was the fire, there are some people of fraud, deception collectors. The staff member said, there are a lot of counterfeit coins on the point, the average person does not have the ability to identify, but after experts can identify the authenticity of these points. Coin collection first to identify the authenticity, and then look at the product phase. Even if the collection of a real wrong version of the renminbi, but because very few, the collection value can not be estimated.相关的主题文章:

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