Luneng Taishan 7 hand in hand Beckham promulgated the Healthy Green Convention (video)

Luneng Taishan No. 7 to join Beckham promulgated the healthy green Convention (Tencent real estate from Beijing, Ye Zhengxin) in September 20th, the world soccer superstar, once again came to china. This time, he Luneng National Health Green Convention to do advocacy. Beckham in the town of Glass, Luneng (real estate information owners forum) meeting speech "training a sports hobby, one hour daily exercise; advocate green environmental protection, advocate walking vehicle; natural sunlight exposure, more to outdoor activities; stick to a healthy diet, eliminate bad habits; calm and relaxed, positive and optimistic; participate in community activities, to build a harmonious neighborhood; sports make people confident, confident extraordinary achievements". The Luneng "sports +" strategy released the first anniversary, Beckham and the leaders of the Luneng Group jointly issued the Luneng Taishan No. 7 "national health green convention". This is not only a sign of Luneng sports + strategy landing community, but also means Luneng distance ecological sports, healthy China dream, a step closer. A touching scene details, Luneng Group funded by the Sichuan Jiuzhaigou ABA women’s soccer team also came to the scene with Beckham and Dianqiu performances, interactive, photo. Originally, the ABA women’s football team is located in the ABA, economic development lags behind, training conditions has been hard won impressive achievements. Luneng group after that, immediately sponsored the team, help their football dream. "Social responsibility Beckham" of Luneng group sense expressed heartfelt admiration, he said, "the sports spirit is without borders, and I hope Luneng together to promote the development of sports." Sichuan Jiuzhaigou ABA women’s football team and Beckham photo Luneng Taishan No. 7 + legend Center No. 7 Beckham, which has become a favourite tale of the same for the 7 issue of the "star + estate" combination, Beckham with its movement healthy and positive image of the sun to become "the best name card of national health Green Convention". According to reports, the "National Health Green Convention" based on the contents of Luneng "sports +" strategic connotation, and will in the future with "Luneng Taishan No. 7 together to create a healthy life" for the purpose, in Beijing, Tianjin Luneng has landed, Ji’nan, Nanjing, Chongqing five big city to Taishan Lu No. 7 community in the formal implementation. Luneng group leaders said, the implementation of the "National Health Green Convention" in the five Taishan Luneng No. 7 in the community, is only Luneng "sports + strategic landing of the first step, the future will also Luneng from the spiritual core to multiple levels of actual living, promote the" sports + landing "strategy and to implement. Community sports, health, communication ecology, Harmonious Co growth of" sports + community lifestyle. Luneng Taishan No. 7 "sports +" demonstration zone leading five healthy living is Luneng "sports +" strategy is the last "9· 20" Luneng released a new product strategy, its connotation is to sports leisure industry chain derivative as the core, to explore the optimum combination of sports and residential real estate construction module, "sports +" the elements of community life. Luneng Taishan 7, adhering to the Luneng Group "ecology, health, sports, entertainment, science and technology" product concept, with the popularization of sports as the original intention, relying on their own advantages of traditional sports DNA, the introduction of the district相关的主题文章:

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