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"Life" subtraction set file 11.11 theme song MV exposure xulu entertainment Sohu – "open throat subtraction life" file November 11th Xu Lu challenge 200 pounds of Panmei, when Wei Daxun Click to enter [warm] HD Photo Sohu entertainment news by Xu Lu, starring Wei Daxun, Huang Yan, Ma Lin co directed the inspirational youth film "subtraction of life" the fixed gear announced, in November 11th the national release. The film is again the new generation of actors Xu Lu and Wei Daxun, played by Xu Lu and Wei Daxun as the new adorable girl warm handsome male is in a life of "loser" in the city, two people in a chance encounter difficulties in life and struggle together, staged a warm and inspirational story. Turning to the original intention of the film, director and screenwriter Huang Yan said, want to give some of the young people face the plight of life can refer to the values or solutions". The movie theme song "the brightest star in the night sky" MV synchronous exposure, Xu Lu first open throat singing voice is warm and tender, MV holding Jo Kerry Lee sing the lens is even more impressive. Xu Lu challenged 200 pounds Panmei inspirational Wei Daxun color interpretation of the new era of life "," warm male movie subtraction starring Xu Lu and Wei Daxun together, focus on weight loss topic, and thus lead to a warm and inspirational story. In the film, slim xulu has become a 200 pound cow, adorable cute, Wei Daxun is a character in warm handsome male, a value play yan. In addition, the more the escape plan lead singer Mao Sichuan first cross star, and the strength of his. The characters in the film, the director Huang Yan said that Xu Lu’s life in the most ordinary YAN Dan is the most common female, "Xu Lu this role is because the real Xu Lu is no sense of distance, show the character is also very full, life will be easily defeated, is a simple and positive image. At the same time, he played Wei Daxun and Guan Xiaokang also have a common point, is a" has a bright and warm smile, laughing surface actually very delicate, is willing to pay people to others". November 11th "to" create a warm heart inspirational movie released "subtraction of life", Xu Lu and Wei Daxun as the two cities in the "loser", one is out of work due to obesity and the landlord was out of the house of the North drift, one is in the pursuit of dreams in the process once fell into a confused cake shop owner, and Mao Sichuan plays is Wei Daxun and like-minded brothers struggle together. Director Huang Yan said, "subtraction of life" to simplify, let the film role for your life to do subtraction, showing full interior monologue, "young people hope that through experience in low tide, encourage everyone to be confident and brave". Talking about the movie why in November 11th released singles, "director Huang Yancheng for each and every one of you are the one and only precious existence", and "subtraction of life" is a "for your movie. Xu Lu first vocals theme song "the brightest star in the night sky for the first time the" xulu vocals movie theme song, cover the famous song "the band plans to escape the brightest star in the night sky". In order to better interpret the film, xu;相关的主题文章:

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