Lao She Beijing of the Mid Autumn Festival diying

Lao She: Beijing [Abstract] in mid autumn is a paradise on earth, perhaps a little bit more prosperous than the heaven! Before and after the Mid Autumn Festival is the most beautiful time of peking. The weather is just the length of day and night be neither hot nor cold, even divided. There is no winter wind blowing from the yellow and Mongolia, there is no dog days with hail storm. The day is so high, so blue, so bright, like smiling and told Beijing people: in these days, the nature will not give you what threat and damage. Xishan Beishan deepen some blue, every evening with colored xiapei. In times of peace, and spread and stall on the street, and display a fruit shop, only one name to Peiping to fruit. The variety of grape variety, the variety of pear, apple, had had enough enough enough to eat the smell, the gourd shaped unique and delicious smell good Peking jujube must add fragrance, sweet and crisp white pear, as big as red Bai Haitang, and only for a son Begonia papaya, Venus and the champagne, plus for worship use, with a pillow shaped watermelon note and yellow gold, red cockscombs, can make people care not only to enjoy the delicious food, but couldn’t tell what kind of smell smell, what colors look better tipsy, slightly! Those fruits, either in the shop or stall, and set the nice skin frost didn’t rub off, and have been put into place the aroma of three-dimensional painting patterns, make people feel that the fruit vendor are Artists, they will make beautiful things more beautiful. Besides, they can sing! They carefully put up stalls, then with clear voice to sing a tune "the fruit of praise:" Oh – 10 Fen to the Lord, you pick a bunch of my white pear, skin and tender, water and sweet, not a worm hole, my little son, tender white pear!" The song tremble in the aroma, for static Li music apple grape, make people slow down, listening and watching smelling in the beauty of autumn. At the same time, Liangxiang mast chestnuts, wrapped in fine sand and molasses in the street. It’s fried Shabu Shabu, even the pot under the wood smoke is fragrant. "Large" outside, white onion stir is a fat and tender lamb; a bowl of wine, 42 meat, two or three cents can mix a drunk. Sorghum red crab, filled with a basket, peddle, people will enjoy going to the Zhengyang building to use a small wooden hammer, lightly cracked a hairy crab. At the same time, in the street of the "eclectic" fruit stalls, there are many kinds of noodle stall, put up a layer of body color, behind the flag inserted umbrella rabbit – big and small, are like a pretty fine, some riding a tiger, some sitting lotus, some shoulder a barber pick children yes, carrying a wooden cabinet red; the sculpture pieces for children under the hearts of thousands on thousands of beautiful seed. At the same time, in order to spend for food in Fengtai began to pick a city to carry Qibao large leaves of chrysanthemum, and park in the gardener, and the beauty of the art chrysanthemum home also ready to give them for more than half a year of painstaking labor and foster wonderful "dissimilar juzhan". Many kinds of Chrysanthemum in Peiping, style of Qi, to heaven. At the same time, like spring flowers pride and handsome young students from Tsinghua Yuan. "相关的主题文章:

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