Keqiao police smitten no comity zebra and a fine of 100 yuan deducted 3 points crycry

Keqiao police smitten: no comity zebra and a fine of 100 yuan deducted 3 points and we all know that driving through a red light to the point, to the point of drunk driving, illegal parking should be penalized, but not comity zebra pedestrian to be fined and points? What is not comity? There must be a lot of people wondering. Let’s get together today. The crossing is also known as the zebra crossing, because it can guide pedestrians to cross the road safely, so the zebra line is "security line" and "lifeline". According to statistics, the traffic accident occurred in the zebra, are more than 90% vehicles or pedestrians do not obey the traffic signal or not caused by comity. For pedestrians crossing the road, were injured in motor vehicles accidents occur frequently, shocking scene. This event is also a wake-up call for every driver, please slow down before the zebra crossing. Comity zebra is the law of "road traffic safety law" stipulates that motor vehicles and pedestrians passing through a signal when the crossing traffic should be in accordance with the signal indication. The vehicle in the control signal when the crossing must stop at the zebra crossing outside. If the vehicle in front of the zebra crossing or whistle urged pedestrians and vehicles in the zebra crossing, and pedestrians in front of the vehicle, it is determined that pedestrians are not courteous. Keqiao police carry out comity zebra crossing the road of civilization, "special rectification action to consolidate the comity zebra" special rectification action effect, and further enhance the majority of owners’ consciousness of comity zebra ", from the beginning of October 11th, Keqiao police in the region to carry out for a period of 4 days of comity zebra, cross the road of civilization" focus on remediation action. The same day, we have more than 60 police officers in the city of Keqiao Road, Golden Road, Lake Road, de Young main road 13 intersection launched campaign. The driver must give way to pedestrians to cooperate so how civilized and safe pedestrian crossing the road? Sorghum reminder: in the by no pedestrian crossing the road, pedestrians should look around the vehicle, not sudden acceleration, backward or turn, and then confirmed by security. If people enter into the crosswalk when the light is green, but midway lights turned red, and how to deal with such situation? Milo advice: if you want to continue at this time, pedestrian traffic, the front of the adjacent lanes available gestural vehicles. If you want to return, also can use gestures to vehicle lanes adjacent to the rear. Pedestrians do not stay in the middle of the road or wait without any instructions to accelerate the run. In addition to sorghum are on the road renovation, since the beginning of September 12th enabled electronic police, the implementation of 24 hours to capture illegal acts not comity zebra before. At the same time, the regulation is not illegal comity will be normalized.相关的主题文章:

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