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"Just plan" "dragon mirror" poster Jordan Chan and Jiro Wang Sohu "plan" was the main entertainment poster [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news by producer Jordan Chan (China Sendao directed, Deng Jiajia, Jiro Wang (Hongkong), Taiwan China), Li Fanxiu (South Korea), Lawrence Ng (Hongkong China), starring He Jun Hong Kong Style Black Humor comedy "plan" will just landing in theaters nationwide on December 9th. In the latest release of "dragon and Phoenix mirror version of the poster, the Dragon mirror worth tens of millions for the first time exposure, a spy with the character of the mood changes; at the same time, Jordan Chan, Jiro Wang and Lawrence Ng’s" Gang of three people were burned again, deliberately plan setup, spoiler will count on the meter, breaking, who can turn the tide? Death at Mobius ring type structure four "plan" murder just tells the frustrated casino Mei Zi wash code ambition (Jordan Chan ornaments) and Fujian pure Beijing Hao Dongdong (Jiro Wang ornaments) and mafia businessman Bai Chuxiong (Lawrence Ng ornaments) between a thrilling absurd war dragon mirror. The release of the "dragon mirror" version of the poster show film masculine fierce wind, Jordan Chan, Deng Jiajia, Jiro Wang, Lawrence Ng back on the huge dragon mirror, a shotgun just opened fire on the inclined to smoke, overflowing, fierce fighting around the Dragon mirror started immediately. This rare dragon mirror Baojing, let Hao Dongdong and Mei Chi, husband and wife, Hongkong?? Chuxiong, wealthy white Mafia and Korean gangsters and the thirteen orphans car base and peace and the fate of Zai fan because of casino chips and doings of ghosts and gods one billion checks, dragon entangled mirror. The use of complex Mobius ring narrative structure, five character clue in parallel, the game layer at a time, strike a deep chord. A careful setup, who directs the layout, how to spoiler fate? How can we get out of the broken office? A life and death in the Bureau of emergency, all in the Russian roulette in the collision of exploration, who can finally grasp the initiative to become the biggest suspense. Figure Jordan Chan Jiro Wang character poster POSTER "casino pheasant brother Jordan Chan for love." the Fujian pure drift Jiro Wang brave assists in today’s "gangsta" edition character poster, breaking Jordan Chan brow, before the dagger Xiecha in the table; spoiler Jiro Wang left hand gun, alert and careful; Bureau of Lawrence Ng with a vicious, gloomy. Three people behind a piece of broken images, coasters, shooting, building upside down, mottled blood, splinters…… In the film Jordan Chan’s ambition at Mei Jeju Island casino, wash code, noisy, although it is for loopholes, but good nature, loyalty, dare to play, like "pheasant brother" comeback. Deng Jiajia’s "in the small daughter-in-law" quiet one billion owed huge debts, to borrow money to repay Jordan Chan accidentally found a murder and a terrible secret, for the family, never gamble Mei decided to gamble for love and ambition. Jiro Wang played in the film by Hao Dongdong, is a pure Fujian North drift, marriage with his wife?? Jeju Island honeymoon. He likes to brag, but also hurt his wife, timid, because the accident in scrapping, wanted to use the opportunity to escape, was quickly denounced?? after wake up.相关的主题文章:

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