Jane Zhang mother and daughter bear the Chinese style musiland

Jane Zhang and her daughter who bear the "China relation" (the Chandler) Tencent entertainment Zhuangao now it is very difficult to clear a star family gossip with a few words, from Baoqiang Wang to Zhang Jizhong to Jane Zhang today, the plot has repeatedly reversed, that point of view is to evaluate, and the dealer idle home, rely on pure touch. The first is Jane Zhang’s mother jumped out tear son-in-law, objected to her daughter’s marriage, the way to "sit" loyalty is the daughter of "mistress" the name; but her early before the National Day holiday officially filed an action against the illegal occupation of prospective son-in-law Feng Ke stake, fought to anger after the national entertainment reporters take a long vacation and then launch an attack, seems to be more like to have expert advice. Feng Ke, Jane Zhang, especially the latter have unfailingly, have long response, consistent, relevant details like embezzlement of property two laws without limits, but is hand – No. But the media by legal professionals also pointed out loopholes, such as the so-called Feng Ke note the rationality of notarization in the situation without third party, he can at any time with the New Testament covering, say, Feng Ke’s response does show smooth and ambiguous an old-fashioned businessman. More anonymous users will be an excellent legal reality show bad style, Feng Ke broke off the rails’ mistress "or Jane Zhang’s fans, but the hostess also denied, said two people are friends, eat together…… I really do not know what time to start, from Baoqiang Wang to Zhang Jizhong to Jane Zhang, these people and their families so entertaining, this will cover the disputes within the family, involving love, property, kinship and other aspects of privacy together in their home, as reliable courier opened the package please check your. But the sign is not moved, but from the late autumn chill and sigh – star people, they look the idea of family disputes, if can coordinate cleanly in the interior, but they use media rendering, onlookers clamoring to advance to the team will be scarred end, like a lot of elderly people love family disputes the mediation program, the results are almost Montreal feather, experts are cotton fist. What we should see is that the traditional "Chinese style relationship", the family and family relationship we understand, has been suffering from the impact of economic development. Jane Zhang’s mother used this mentality subtle, most old anger not yet appeased accounted for 20% of the shares, have disappeared, like the square dance aunt may go the same hate pension is hard, but only in the human nature of greed? Not all, but there is also love, and most Chinese people can understand the maternal love. Once I inadvertently glanced at the time in front of the TV hit "Chinese relationship", there is a scene of Chen Jianbin and his wife during peaceful times under his colleagues intimacy, are terrified, the mother-in-law rushed out with unreasonable demands, Chen Jianbin said to make unfounded countercharges, have derailed, typical bad money. After the farce, mother-in-law up dramatic posturing, scowled, gulped, tell her that I did it for you, if you don’t, you have to roll up leave, what are not. Mother in law, of course, to consider their own pension, but she also.相关的主题文章:

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