In November 11th 8 sports news review jodie foster

In November 11th 8 sina sports news sports news review 1 exposure target according to the Shenhua coach Mancini "football market" and a number of media reports in Italy, Shanghai Shenhua intends to invite former Inter Milan coach Mancini as the team’s coach has made contact with Mancini, Mancini will succeed Manzano, become the next coach of Shanghai shenhua. 2 men’s soccer tournament -U22 0-0 Ping Uzbekistan in Wuhan in 2016? China car China FA Cup "U22 international football tournament ushered in the second round, the national team China U22 and Uzbekistan U22 national team. Thirty-fourth minutes, Liu Junshuai kick – Comet Ralph Akram universe by the referee, direct red card penalty. Eighty-ninth minutes, he received a second yellow card, yellow change into a red, was fined out of play on the spot, two. Finally, the national team Chinese U22 0-0 with Uzbekistan U22 national team, the first two rounds of the tournament suffered two Lianping, failed to usher in the first win. The 3 men’s basketball team captain Chen Yinbao died in the Shanghai men’s basketball team according to the official micro-blog news, former Shanghai Basketball Association, chairman of the national basketball team captain Chen Yinbao died of illness at the age of 77. 4 Knight visited the White House Obama met by NBA according to U.S. media reports, the defending champion Cleveland by President Obama at the White House today. 5 Ning Zetao or return the Henan team in the whole operation according to the documentary "Ning Zetao turning point" director Liang Mai said, as the Navy player Ning Zetao is handling jobs formalities, he will return to Henan next year, or will represent Henan to participate in the games.相关的主题文章:

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