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I hate spicy chicken 3D movie N reasons this article from the "play movie" public number (id:wan2movie) is not for all 3D movies, there is an attribute in front, it must be spicy chicken. You have to admit that, after the "" 3D boom, not every movie that forces you to wear glasses is enough to enjoy. A time to kill, the accumulation of discontent, passion again and again about to speak, but saying nothing. Finally one day, when you are in a "special China 3D" movie hall again wearing dirty glasses, you will roar to embrace technological progress: fuck, Lao Tzu enough 3D! Text segmentation line – no 3D glasses can not enter the world of 3D, but you know, they are not always comfortable to wear. Either the size doesn’t fit, or it doesn’t look so clean… Especially when you have to wear glasses case, then wear a pair of 3D glasses, a pair of a pair, that feeling is really a dog can. Fortunately, there are smart people invented the 3D lens clip, as long as the clip on the now wearing glasses frame can change in seconds 3D glasses, is simply the gospel! But when you are happy to ask the theater staff, they usually tell you: No. Someone will come out to taunt: look at the 3D movie, ready to contact lenses in advance ah!" I roll my eyes. But I just want to say…… Well, the film finally started. You just found that tangled for a long time, the glasses are all bull shit, because the film is the most 3D subtitles only. Many cinemas (at least Beijing) because of the brightness of the bulb, led to the 3D film dark can not see the effect. A world of spectacles, dark and obscure. Or photography style is not suitable for 3D, wearing glasses for 5 minutes like experience a roller coaster, just confused and disoriented…… It has been emphasized that 3D can help the audience to enter the world of the film, but perhaps the audience did not want to go in. Whether it is because the 3D effect is bad or boring movie, the movie experience really bad, take a nap…… BUT but feel sorry for their high fares 3D dig more of the yuan. If you sit in the cinema to see his portrayal of life: a dilemma, isolated and helpless. When the movie is over, you can hope to stop the torment. Hope is large can watch the 2D version of you, will find the cruel reality: from 2D theater screenings of qu. Refers to. Can. Number. This is embarrassing…… You say is not? Welcome to pay attention to Sina Movie Official WeChat play movies"相关的主题文章:

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