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Hunan three illegal enterprises active rectification lift to supervise the handling of the original title: three illegal enterprises to supervise the handling of Xiaoxiang Morning News Release Changsha five months ago, the Ministry of environmental protection on environmental law in Hunan Xiang Rui Jian agricultural and animal husbandry Co. Ltd., Hanshou Hua county Lemu Industry Development Co. Ltd., Hunan Jinjian dairy Limited by Share Ltd 3 enterprises supervise the handling. After active rectification, recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection released the 3 enterprises to supervise the handling of matters. Yesterday, the Ministry’s official website issued a notice that, after the environmental law issues rectification verification, Hunan Xiang Rui Jian Agriculture Co., Ltd. and other 3 companies basically reached the requirements of renovation supervision. Through research, decided to Hunan Xiangrui Kin Agriculture Co., Ltd. and other 3 companies released to supervise the handling of environmental law issues. The circular also asked the provincial environmental protection department to continue to strengthen supervision, urging local governments and environmental protection departments to increase the daily supervision, and urge enterprises to operate the normal pollution control facilities to ensure the stability of pollutants discharge standards. Provincial Environmental Protection Department official said, in terms of corporate environmental issues supervision, Hunan will continue to implement the grid management, divided into regions, responsible person. In addition, Hunan will increase the illegal enterprise remediation actions, filing and management of illegal enterprises. (Xiaoxiang Morning News intern reporter Luo Yaqi)相关的主题文章:

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