Hebi women eat just out of the pot chestnuts and other chestnuts suddenly cracked chestnuts imjpmig

Hebi women eat just out of the pot before peeling chestnuts chestnuts chestnuts suddenly burst out of the pot dry a few minutes to eat Jingshe Morning News Morning News trainee reporter Ren (trainee reporter Lv Dengwei Ren Jing) the afternoon of November 12th, Qibin District Ms. Hu sugar fried chestnut nearly to be hurt. "I just bought the fried chestnut, but it didn’t peel off. I was so scared that I threw a bag of chestnuts." Ms Hu said. 12 afternoon, Ms. Hu pedestrian street in the new Century Square bought a bag just out of the pot Tangchaolizai, just want to peel open spot suddenly burst. I usually like to eat chestnuts, but never seen chestnuts will split themselves, but I was scared!" Ms Wu told reporters that the power of chestnut burst is not small, she was shocked to the finger pain for a long time. "Just out of the pot chestnut is really easy to burst, after a few minutes to dry the pot on the right." In the new Century Square street selling Tangchaolizai Walking Horse lady said, just a good fried chestnuts inside the heat, a cold will crack, but as long as the clothes spread out just a few minutes. Ms. Ma to remind diners, just out of the pot chestnuts do not directly bite to eat, can take hard prick, the inside of the heat release, purchase Tangchaolizai should also choose clothes after the chestnuts, chestnuts such safe to eat. If you don’t eat fried chestnuts, cooked fried too much heat, chestnuts are also easy to burst. (Qihe morning)相关的主题文章:

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