Heavy pound! Dongyang garden village named Chinese ten international village ca1835

Heavy pound! Dongyang garden village named "Chinese ten international village" in September 24th, the Sixteenth National "mayor" forum held in Pengzhou city in Sichuan Province, Baoshan village. Ten the village of Dongyang Jinhua and Jiangsu Jiangyin Huaxi Village Garden Village, Shandong Longkou Nanshan village, is Chinese Village Development Association Working Committee, "the characteristics of the village Chinese village", "village magazine influence" evaluation of the research group named "Chinese ten international village". The image of the village garden Brocade: new pioneer in the kingdom of the redwood. Study group of "village evaluation influence" that Dongyang garden village is a village in recent years Chinese rural development the fastest and biggest, highest quality, for the most adequate, known as "the first village of Zhejiang" and "the first village of rosewood". Garden village has a history of 690 years, before the reform and opening up is a famous poor village. 1978, the annual income of only 87 Yuan Garden village. Since 1981, the village Party Secretary under the leadership of Shao Qinxiang, after 35 years of entrepreneurship and innovation strong village, 2015, garden village has a private industrial and commercial households 2796, achieved operating income of 40 billion 100 million yuan, annual per capita income of the villagers reached 150 thousand yuan. Garden village is Jinhua’s first and only revenue exceeding 100 million yuan Village, has become the world’s largest vitamin D3 production and export base, the world’s largest mahogany furniture market and the country’s largest rare wood trading center, and has the largest village and village hospital the highest Ferris wheel, was born in October 9, 2014 of the first listed company in the garden biological (300401) ", is still on the garden of new material, Jin Bo garden, garden industry conducted a joint-stock reform and listing for. Among them, garden village, mahogany furniture and wood products industry of private industrial and commercial households reached 2138, accounting for 76.4% of the total number of the village, has formed the development of the whole industry chain, plate market, market garden wood carving, paint center, industrial core block and mahogany furniture market mahogany, become the main force to drive the business to get rich. In addition, the garden village also won the ten famous China village, China ten most beautiful villages, Chinese mahogany furniture first village hundreds of provincial honors, is the first in Zhejiang Province alone in the village as a unit successfully created the national AAAA scenic spot, is also Chinese village training base and the national new rural construction a study point,. In July 1st this year, the village Party committee was also awarded the honorary title of the national advanced grassroots party organizations. A study on village influence evaluation group deputy leader, issued a public letter agency chief officer Qiao Huimin, according to the evaluation of institutional arrangements for "Chinese ten international village" written words as gift Kam image department. He said, standing on the international perspective of evaluation of the "international village", publisher of the latest research results, "international village", refers to the village development level of internationalization, not only need to "production" into the international village, the village appearance show internationalization, need more "people" quality of International village. The new proposition of rural economic internationalization is to adapt to social and economic development requirements and of generation, actually since China joined WTO, integration into the global economy, the development of rural economy, agricultural economy has continued to Chinese implantation in soup相关的主题文章:

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