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He was asked to go to London to prove the handstand miracle. He was invited to go to london!" Apprentice two people begin scientific training handstand. Left hand, right hand, and then left hand, more than and 70 kilograms of weight on one hand to support the front line. Every morning to get up at 5, every day to record the training objectives and diaries, constantly falling, and constantly come back, the annual Spring Festival, summer and winter holidays, every day in training, is to the dream of the handstand. 20 meters, 30 meters, 40 meters – a step closer to the target. In 2016, Zhang Shuang went to the Guinness Chinese night CCTV arena, this record to "the world’s 100 meters forward to walk on the fastest" attack, although the challenge failed, but Zhang Shuang insisted and endurance to the Guinness world record headquarters site officials impressed other advice he focused on exercise 50 meters feet clip walk on the ball. In July this year, the Guinness world record headquarters invited Zhang Shuang to London, third days after the arrival of the body, adjust, in Dulwich College was 50 meters feet Clip Ball walk on project certification, 26.09 seconds! Headquarters of the world’s fastest project awarded the certificate. "In fact, basketball can also clip, but I am holding the standard 5 football, I would like to play Chinese football!" On the trip to London, Zhang Shuang was wearing a five-star red flag T-shirt, I represent the quality of the Chinese people, the Chinese people’s words and deeds!" 4 day trip to London, spent more than $40 thousand, all of London’s Guinness world records. After licensing, Zhang Shuang first told his teacher Wang Wu. From a professional point of view, Wang Wu believes the handstand is a good sport, he said: "every day walking upright, now upside down, back and forth, is conducive to the expansion and contraction of blood vessels, improve blood circulation."相关的主题文章:

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