Harbin longta near the flower girl discovered didn’t cut the umbilical cord 9c8950

Harbin longta near bed discovered her umbilical cord did not cut the baby life daily news 29 September 30th at 9:40 PM, a people in the city on the west side of the bus station Front Gate behind the garden, found an abandoned baby, then alarm. According to the district police station, the child was placed in a 30 cm long box body with thin sheets of old, because the temperature was only 13 degrees Celsius, the child was red with cold, cold limbs. When the police will soon be sent to the children’s Nangang District People’s hospital. Around 10 in the morning, the police will hold the child to the hospital. The child is a baby girl, the umbilical cord has not been cut, who have blood and feces, a look is just born soon. The child was wrapped in a very thin old sheet, frozen limbs cold. Medical staff in the first time to the child’s umbilical cord were treated, and the children were cleaned." Nangang District People’s Hospital, said Mu Yanyan, director of the office. Subsequently, the obstetrician conducted a preliminary physical examination of the child, the child’s hearing, vision, physical appearance of all normal, no physical defects. After cleaning the face looked at the girl, very beautiful, big eyes, high nose." The medical staff to feed milk to the children, she also wore clothes and hats, wrapped in blankets to keep warm, slowly after a period of time, the baby’s hands and feet warm up, when they lie in the arms of the doctor began to nod, and soon fell asleep, while sleeping while snoring. It is reported that if you can not find the child’s parents, the baby girl will be sent to the city children’s welfare. Currently, the public security organs are still looking for the baby girl’s parents.相关的主题文章:

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