Gao Guangze raise a child Avatar Meikong family won praise as a boy (video) winflash

Gao Guangze "raise a child" Avatar Meikong family won the praise of raising a child is not easy to play boy _08 > > > click on the video to watch the Tencent, "raising a child is not easy" Tencent entertainment news by Liu Fengsheng directed by screenwriter Ma Guangyuan, Hairong Tian, Xin Baiqing, Jiang Zuping, Gao Guangze starred in the contemporary family emotional drama is Liaoning TV hit. The eldest son, Yan Ligang actor Gao Guangze, with its "three young men and excellent acting play, won countless praise. He had created a lot of sunshine handsome boy image character, and this is a challenge to sensitive Yan Ligang angle, from the "national male bestie" to "Enigma" transformation, is no small challenge. Gao Guangze "discovered" is not easy to raise a child crying child heart Meikong avatar storm deduction brother as a father recently, "not easy" to raise a child in Liaoning TV hit, high Hirosawa five kids get home in the elder brother Yan Ligang, after his father’s death, the daily home situation, he secretly abandoned learn to work. After learning that the mother will be sent to the younger sister, but also with the family a big fight, is bound to find her sister. The child heart scenes very much, high Hirosawa is to challenge the "storm" crying scene, whether it is the desperate father died crying, shouting and tearing or family quarrel is bound to recover his sister, let the audience see his efforts and soaring acting, also attracted the audience called: "the super bear boy really have to love." Gao Guangze Miyoshi youth on-line national male bestie transformation "Enigma" Gao Guangze not only in the perfect interpretation of the "Miyoshi youth" — learning is good, good, good character color value, in life is a hard "boy. Had to participate in the performance of the "whirlwind girl" "I am God" play, with sunshine handsome boy image appearance, and the challenge is "Enigma" the eldest son of the role, more people expect him from the "national male bestie" to "Enigma" changes, will bring us what kind of surprise.相关的主题文章:

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