Fate to If You Are The One Huang Lan Huang Lei confession scene demonstration – Beijing women chasin sopor aeternus

"Fate" to If You Are The One Huang Lan Huang Lei confession scene demonstration " women chasing men " – Beijing, Huang Lan, Huang Lei this is the tacit partner tonight "fate to" open again "If You Are The One to play" mode, Huang Lan site "express" Huang Lei funny dialogue demonstration "women wooing men" and "AA love" etc. topic. "We love you" "amateur CP" hero charm debut, high Yan values, long legs and successful careers, harvest popularity goddess Li Na left lamp daozhui. Another South Korean small meat appearance, fancy sell adorable "affection" Huang Huang Lan Lan, can not help but shouted, "look at my heart raced the elder sister!" Chengdu lad Xiong Weihong shared emotional experience, caused a big discussion about "women wooing men" and other topics of the audience. Huang Lei think, boys tend to be a little girl refused to say, but girls are often very easy to reject the boys." Huang Lan said: "as the saying goes, men and women across the mountain, the female pursues the man. But because the girls take the initiative to tell the truth, the boys reluctantly together with others, in fact, is a kind of disrespect for girls." Subsequently, Huang Lan, Huang Lei once again opened the "play" mode, Huang Lan scene to Huang Lei confession, the demonstration of "women wooing men:" Mr. Huang Lei, I have love you, and I can tell you a date, I always pay." Huang Lei humor response: I’m so happy." (Meng Yan)相关的主题文章:

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